Peter Liang: Asian-American Psycho


I knocked a baby down once at a Harlem block party. As if you needed more differences between Black people and everybody else, while others holster their children in strollers until the kids are legally old enough to drive cars, Black kids start walking unassisted at about a week.

And while this particular kid would have been lucky to have been about 2, he was probably closer to 18 months.

When the kid hit the deck, an audible gasp went up from the people around me and I remember this one guy saying something to me like, “Ayo, Son; that’s on you,” while waiving his hands in front of himself like he ain’t want no parts of what was about to go down.

I reached down, picked up the baby and his Yankee hat – which I’d also knocked off – held the child in the crook of my arm and returned the hat to his head.

Then I yelled out, “Whose baby?”

The mother came back, took the kid out of my arms and thanked me.

To this day, I wonder what the people around us were expecting to happen. Was the kid’s father some big and known drug dealer or something? Was I supposed to have some kinda beef with him? The mom? The baby???

The point is, I did what to me was sane. And in an insane world, that kinda thing is shocking.

Similarly, I can almost dig the fact that the District Attorney in charge of handling the criminal sentencing of Peter Liang, the disgraced former rookie police officer recently convicted for manslaughter due to recklessly though accidentally discharging his unnecessarily drawn weapon during a routine patrol and having a bullet from the accidentally fired weapon ricochet off a wall and kill young father Akai Gurley, is recommending that Mr. Liang’s sentence not include prison and only community service.

Like I wrote, I can almost dig it. I understand that the shooting was accidental. And I could totally dig the DA’s recommendation if Mr. Liang’s response to that accident had been sane.

I remember there was an actual psychopath test that went something like this: a girl meets a guy at the funeral of a family member and the next week she kills her mom. Why’d she do it?

Only the psycho is supposed to know immediately that she did it to see the guy again. The psycho puts his or her own desires above everything else, even human life.

So, while it might be expected that young Mr. Liang would panic after the accidental shooting, the fact that his primary concern was how to contact his union boss and how to explain his way out of the situation and not at all even bothering to consider any way he might have tried to aid or even comfort the young and dying Akai Gurley, is completely psychotic.

Lord forbid Mr. Liang had knocked over that baby at the Harlem block party.

If he’d have been armed, the place would have been a bloodbath.

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