When a Beautiful Black Queen Becomes a Sociopath


There were so many ways our girl fucked up that it’s tough to give her credit anywhere.

First of all, a hairstyle is only the wearer’s business. Otherwise, we’re on some Nazi shit. We can’t preach freedom and equality out of the same mouth through which we denounce “Cultural Appropriation”. If, as Nas once told us, “The World is Yours“, then everybody can do what the fuck they want and you’d be best to not even notice.

And why did she notice this clown-ass white boy?

Going back to grade school, kids only teased the kids they crushed on.

And I’d bet that young Cory Goldstein ain’t the only white boy attending San Francisco State University that wears dreads.

Does he appropriate Black culture? Yes.

Am I wearing a Nike long-sleeve while writing in English? Yes again.

Never mind that once this video went viral, too many white people rushed forth to claim that dreadlocks were not, in fact, a Jamaican hair original but a Greek one.

It’s these types that would also challenge that whites were actually the first dark-skinned Africans.

Still, the fact that I’ve seen defenses of this lunatic bitch by Black women is not so much evidence of an endorsement of the theory of Black female infallibility, but when bunched together with stuff like the inane and ridiculous criticisms of Ayesha Curry and the even more baffling support for Amber Rose, it makes me think that some of my beloved sisters are weirder than I wanted to believe.

Curry, a Black chick married to a Black man, makes it a personal choice to dress conservatively and only show the ass and pussy to her husband.

Rose is a white chick that dates and marries Black men and even I’ve seen her ass and pussy.

I can’t play Virtue Judge on either of these women because not only do I know neither, but I’m also not the Omnipresent Eye of God.

But while it’s true that everybody deserves at least a modicum or respect for sharing the same earth as us at the same time, trying to ignore respectability politics altogether is the most ridiculous bullshit conceivable.

That an Amber Rose could rise, based solely on how she looks and who she’s fucked, then compare herself in any way with a Beyonce is something that self-respecting Black women should take issue with.

Even Karrine “SuperHead” Steffans, who’s also cute and has also fucked, is known because she’s a more-than-decent writer to those that actually bothered to read Confessions of a Video Vixen.

And what’s the sense of tutoring children or comforting the aged and infirm if twerking on Youtube is given equal humanitarian weight?

One is selfless the other is selfish. People don’t seem to realize that in this Moralistic Socialism that everyone seems to be clamoring for, murder and charity are, in effect, the same.

But back to this crazy bitch in the video.

Why does she think it’s cool for her to grab Dude?

Lord knows I’m already on the fence about the times and circumstances where it’s actually appropriate to slap a bitch.

But in this particular case, the white boy did right.

Physical contact is the Primary Violation, but if he had tried to get physical and I’d have been there, I would have intervened to at least break it up and if necessary, on her side.

When a woman like that gets going, the best thing you can do is run from her screaming.

Make her look crazy.

Make a scene, just not hers.

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