Is America Ready for a White President?


I always took exception to the expression, “Once you go Black, you never go back”, thinking it should in fact be amended to “Once you go Black, they won’t take you back“, but hey, I’m cynical.

That’s because I knew – like everybody else – that the intended meaning of that expression was to describe the power of Black dick to drive white women so crazy that in the end, they’ll never want a white man again.

However (to me), the true meaning of that expression was to imply that once a white girl fucked a Black man she was so soiled, that no self-respecting white man would ever want her again.

That’s particularly interesting when you consider that many of the white men that would endorse this viewpoint would consider themselves “White Supremacists” and as such, you’d almost expect them to be literally racing towards any white chick that had just unhinged herself from a Black pole, eager to prove how much better they could fuck her.

But nah.

One of the many concessions in that whole “White Supremacy” scam has been penis size. And Dr. Frances Cress Welsing aside, I’d be just as happy to let white people believe in the mythical Black elephant cock not only because it worked so well for Jack Johnson, but also because I find the whole shit hilarious.

All that shit aside though, and how did I get sidetracked into this kind of talk when the whole thing was supposed to be about politics? Is it true we darkies only have sex on the brain?

Well, let me take anywhere from the next 230-329 words to only talk about politics and maybe that’ll somehow make up for it. And yes, I realize I wasted a few words in just writing that.

We’d be fools if we didn’t realize that a full 1/2 of the beauty in this nation electing Barack Obama as president was that for once, everybody won.

Obama supporters got their candidate.

Obama haters got their foil.

And racial roles got (allegedly) reversed.

Now, it was the white people complaining about the government. Now it was the white people feeling left out.

Now, instead of Black things like BET springing up in response to white things like network television, you had white things like #AllLivesMatter, springing up in response to Black things like, um… who are those folks again?

It escapes me.

Anyway, on the surface while we’d imagine that almost all of white America literally can’t wait to get somebody with white skin back in the White House, the reality is, that honeymoon will probably end quicker than two virgins’ first conjugal exchange.

Say whatever about Obama, he did end two wars, kill bin Laden, save the American auto industry, pass a universal healthcare bill and elect two Supreme Court justices with a third pending all while keeping America relatively safe from a wholesale domestic terror attack for the first time in two full Presidential administrations.

And who’s on deck to replace him? Bernie Sanders who I keep fearing will croak sometime before the general election, Hillary Clinton who’ll try to throw a record number of Black people in jail, Donald Trump who is to politics what Stevie Wonder is to 3-point shooting, and Ted Cruz who’s not even white?

And while like for those between 1-8 years old, a white president’s gonna be a complete shock to some, I’m just hoping that my white brethren who’ve been acting like Obama is the reason that they’ve become the “new oppressed”, will, once they get their new White Knight, take some responsibility for themselves.

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