Ayesha Curry, Feminism & Why Some Black Women Don’t Fuck With Her


The only way that cunt bitch Ayesha Curry could get Black women on her side is if Steph runs for President.

If Barack was just an NBA ball player, bitches would hate Michelle’s fat ass too.

Call her all kindsa ugly.

Make fun of her height and every time Barack missed a shot, suggest that the wrong Obama was wearing a uniform.

But no, Michelle Obama is universally loved and considered beautiful by Black women, and that fat ass is considered (appropriately) a phat ass, such a desired and revered commodity in our community that even though our new spokeswomen, the Kardashians and Amber Rose, though not actually Black, all made sure to have the asses added if only for authenticity’s sake.

Now, like many an OG sports fan, I remember that dorkball husband of Ayesha’s shooting the lights out for Davidson during their famed NCAA tournament run.

Nice shooting Green Eyes, I thought. Too bad come NBA-time, you’ll be warming benches for the Rajon Rondo’s of the world.

Well, if you know anything about my sports predictions, you know I’m always wrong. And this time, of course, was no exception.

Then I heard the little bugger was married and I was like, Oh God… judging by his nebish-ness it’s GOTTA be a white girl.

Wrong again.

And I was kinda cool with the Currys being a cute couple and all until that whore went and did some shit that’s completely unforgivable: she expressed a preference for personal modesty.

Now, my suburban-born ass is the last nigga to deny the strong yet ridiculous pull of the stereotype.

If a “real nigga” is supposed to be dumb, criminal, poor, and regressive, then toss the book when you enter the hood or risk getting fleeced right there where you stood…

Or something like that.

Point being, even if we are the architects of this absurd “real nigga” archetype, we’d be fools if we continue to subscribe to it.

In other words, just because we built a fucked up house, doesn’t mean we have to live in it.

And I’m not even totally convinced we built it.

Similarly, Black women, who one would think would know better than to entertain the mandatory assumption that all Black women must be sexually amoral, seem to be the first ones to hop on that slore Ayesha Curry’s back.

Should I blame feminism here?

I mean, feminism should be like clothes; not everybody wears the same size. And just because dismantling the American patriarchy fits white women…

Anyway, back to Slutyesha Curry.

I’ve even read one criticism that argued that she did “everything her husband wanted” as if:

  1. Making a choice to do what someone else wants isn’t still making a choice.
  2. Satisfying the desires of the person you married is a bad thing.

Ayesha and Steph have been together for ages too, which is another thing I think pisses certain Black women off.

Another chick might have thought the way I had about the nigga: good shooter for a college kid but his career prospects look more supermarket-grocery-bagger than NBA superstar.

Their relationship may remind some Black women of some of the guys they guessed wrong on.

And maybe some of the guys they guessed wrong on are guys they’re currently guessing wrong on.

Look around, ladies.

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