10 Current Can’t Miss 1st Ballot Hall of Famers


Congrats to Shaq and Allen Iverson and the Class of 2016, but are there 10 current players that are sure-fire can’t miss Hall of Famers?

I think so.

  1. Kobe Bryantkobe_bryant_dec_2014I hate this prick but the Hall of Fame itself becomes a joke if a 5 time champion, 18 time all-star doesn’t make the Hall. 25ppg? Please.
  2. LeBron Jameslebr-332x203Again, laugh all you want, but 2 rings, and 6 appearances are nothing to sneeze at. The guy’s current numbers are comparable to Larry Legend’s himself and even though he reeks of the type dude that’s gonna stick around till his game starts to stink, there’s still a chance he might get that elusive 3rd Chip.
  3. Tim DuncantimBest power forward to ever play. 5 rings in 6 appearances and, like Bill Russell, won his first ring with an entirely different cast than his last.
  4. Steph CurryStephen_Curry_dribbling_2016_(cropped)I never like to get into personal or individual records when evaluating greatness preferring to stick with rings – which he has one of – but 4 of the top 7 3-point shooting records for a season? That’s Hall by itself.
  5. Kevin GarnettKGThese are his “paycheck” years and even Robert Parish had those. People forget Parish got a 4th ring fucking around with Jordan. Bet you did too. The sad thing is, you feel that if KG could stick it out for a few more, he might just get another one with Minnesota.
  6. Dirk NowitzkidirkThe reason I always mention that I thought Michigan product Robert “Tractor” Traylor would make a better pro is because it keeps me humble to remind myself how stupid I can be.
  7. Dwyane Wade – dwaydStill has more rings than LeBron and regardless of what anyone says, has been the most important (and best) player in Miami Heat franchise history.
  8. Tony ParkertonyWas quietly the  best point guard in the league for about a decade. Steph Curry’s emergence hasn’t taken away from the guy. Those 4 rings don’t hurt either.
  9. Pau GasolpauThe League might try to get slick because it really does hate foreigners not named Olajuwon. Still, those two rings should help win any argument and if he ever does anything in Chicago he’s as good as gold.
  10. Manu GinobilimanuKobe, Wade, then who? Please, quickly, if you can, name a better 2 from his era. You can’t, so stop.

On the fence (and why):

  • Chris BoshboshHas 2 rings but needs something as serious as another Conference Finals appearance
  • Kevin DurantkevinNeeds a ring
  • Russell WestbrookrussNeeds a ring
  • Chris PaulcpNeeds a ring
  • Paul Pierce –  ppJust not likable
  • Dwight HowarddwightHated
  • Tyson Chandlertyson-chandler-phoenix-suns-cbssports_netNeeds another Conference Finals run
  • Kawhi LeonardkawhiNeeds a good post-Duncan run
  • Klay ThompsonklayNeeds one more ring
  • Anthony DavisanthonyNeeds to do something very serious in the post-season, and soon.

Doesn’t look good (and why)

  • Carmelo Anthonysmallmelo1 Conference Finals appearance in 13 years
  • DeMarcus CousinsmarcussmallNeeds to do something team and not just stat oriented
  • Derrick RoserosesmallWould probably get injured making his Hall of Fame speech
  • John Wallwall smallStarting to look like he’s punching a clock
  • LaMarcus Aldridge – lmsmallFrankly, even a ring might only get him up to Stephen Jackson‘s caliber

*Also, can anybody identify this guy? jh

I’ve heard he plays in the NBA too.

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