Blaming LeBron James for the Death of Jesus and Other Bullshit I Should Be Used to By Now


Wait: I know a nigga’s not supposed to have the freedom to simply change jobs if he wants to, but I never figured it would get him compared to the man that killed Christianity’s Lord and Savior!

And no, I wasn’t outraged, point is, I shouldn’t have even been surprised when I finally got around to cracking the New York Daily News at 12:45pm on Tuesday and started reading an article that chronicled some of history’s greatest betrayals which included, along with Judas’ religious-history redefining betrayal of Jesus and Julius and Ethel Rosenberg’s selling of American military secrets that would eventually lead to the Soviet Union adding nuclear capabilities, LeBron’s James’ decision to move his own Black ass and the Black asses of his family down to Miami.

Not that the list was at all totally serious.

I mean, also included among the list of “betrayals” was Jon Voight’s endorsing of Donald Trump despite Trump having gone on record as saying that Voight’s daughter, Angelina Jolie, was in fact “no beauty”, and the rumor that actress Gwyneth Paltrow stole from actress Winona Ryder the script for Shakespeare in Love, which Paltrow went on to both star in and win an Oscar for, but in addition to Judas and the Rosenbergs, there’s also some real traitorous shit like Benedict Arnold, betrayer of the American Revolution and whose name became synonymous with treason, and Salvatore “Sammy the Bull” Gravano, the mafia rat that snitched on John Gotti.

As an aside, let me say now that I always find it interesting how mob snitches are always ridiculed for betraying omerta, or their code of silence, while Black criminals aren’t even supposed to “have honor among thieves” and their “stop snitching” code is considered something both gross and unholy.

Anyway, even if The Daily News is 1/2 joking – which, in itself, is debatable – the fact that LeBron James’ freely-willed decision to move his family – and, again interestingly: no mention of Walter O’Malley who cost countless jobs right here in New York when he moved Brooklyn’s Dodgers to Los Angeles back in 1957 – makes the list is a reminder of two grim realities that are both peculiar and particular to Black people:

  1. The need others have for external control of the Black body
  2. The belief that Blacks must, under all circumstances, be grateful

And while the first one’s standard (cuck porn, anyone?), it’s No. 2 that’s more insidious.

To experience “betrayal” over a man’s freely made choice not only implies a fucking preposterous sense of proprietorship over said man’s talent, but also suggests a level of indebtedness that would only be even vaguely reasonable had the man’s talent itself been at least partially cultivated by the one who’s in his feelings.

It’s like whenever I hear somebody say some shit like “we freed the slaves”; another vulgar and evil statement aimed at eliciting “gratitude”.

Not only do I wonder who said speaker freed the slaves from, but also who enslaved said bondsmen in the first place and how the fuck the speaker knows he was, in fact, on the freeing side.

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