The BlackPeople’s Guide to Getting the Fuck Outta America


Well you shits, I can only blame you because you didn’t believe in Marcus Garvey.

I can’t even realistically blame you all the way for that. The fact that the man had a movement is proof that enough of you realized even then that this place just ain’t the move.

And while it’s a joke to many of you, others – Lord wouldn’t it be something to know the actual percentage? – would really use that reparations money or even self-finance because they’ve (we’ve) simply had enough of this shit and know that any place is better than this one.

And we know that Africa’s made to look shitty on purpose. We know that “Go back to Africa!” is issued in more of a panic than as a threat by those that allegedly hate us.

The last thing any Nigger-hating person of any race (niggas included) want is for niggas to go back to Africa.

Why do you think that Garvey was ultimately deported?

There were over 700 branches of his UNIA in 38 states  and 1900 divisions in over 40 countries so there’s no question that a lot of Black people felt him.

And like any other abusive relationship, America won’t mind so much if we’re thrown out, but expect all hell to break loose should we attempt to leave of our own volition.

Expect, in fact, Moses vs. Pharaoh to look like a simple case of sibling rivalry compared to the lengths America’s prepared to go to keep us.

America needs us.

We fill the jails, waste our money on bullshit merchandise and take the blame for everything.

We’re the Creature to America’s Victor.

The evidence that America uses for the idea that it’s been ultimately “good” to us is the fact that we haven’t left.

And why are we still here?

Are we claiming this place as “home”?

If so, then we’ve certainly outgrown it and, like any 18 year-old, should be in an adamant rush to leave.

All the statistics are bad, everything points to tyranny, even race itself was invented here and weaponized, first with us in the secondary bullseye – the first target being the American Indian – but now with us as the Public Enemy logo.

And do we believe the hype?

Is it unimaginable even to us that we could have ever governed ourselves, much less flourished doing so, and have we accepted the whitewashing of our ancient achievements to the point of actually believing in a Caucasian North African antiquity?

That despite the fact that logically, the word “Caucasian” and the word “African” are mutually exclusive if only couched in geographic terms?


But an argument that I’ve always made is that this “America” will eventually crumble, is bound to crumble, doomed to crumble if only because of the great crimes it took to establish the place.

You can’t believe in God, faith, karma, justice, righteousness, truth or cause and effect without realizing that nobody could simply steal a land, kill a people, steal a people, found a rogue government and just rock out for all eternity.

I mean, if even the Children of Israel – and I know that one’s loaded – were able to return “home” after 2000 years, are we, after only 400, not supposed to be able to do the same?

Moreover, are we supposed to die here when the American Indians, now named Sanchez and Martinez, rechristen themselves Standing Bull and Drinking Water, then come looking not only to reclaim their land, but also take blood?

Maybe you are.

And you go right ahead.

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