Ice Cube, The Kardashians, O’Shea Jackson Jr, and Black Fatherhood


I remember how my own pops seemed so offended when I told him that Hip Hop was my favorite genre of music.

From his standpoint, I’m guessing, he had raised me on Isaac Hayes, given me his John Coltrane, Africa Brass album, done a good job as far as cultural parental responsibilities were concerned.

And even though I didn’t grow up in the same house with the man, I could sense his feeling of betrayal and his notion that he had somehow failed.

Had to break it down for him.

“Dad”, I said simply, “I’m a writer. No other form makes use of words as much as Hip hop.”

He seemed to get it then. I taught the old man something.

And it’s probably because of this respect for Hip Hop’s use of words that I got immediately the smooth double-entendre that Ice Cube laid down when, while discussing a Kardashian as a future mate for his son, breakout acting star O’Shea Jackson Jr., Cube said that the Kardashians “can’t handle him.”

Now, subscribers to the theory of abject Nigger-wildness will imagine immediately that what Cube was suggesting was that if his own boy were let loose among the Kardashians, plates would get broken, windows smashed, furniture destroyed and everybody in the house fucked including Bruce/Caitlyn.

But it gets deeper than that, I think.

See, aside from Tyga who’s dating Kylie and who’s known to be from a mixed, Black dad/Vietnamese mom background and though little else is known about his dad at all aside from the fact that he’s Jamaican, all the other Black men in the Kardashian women’s lives are known for having “daddy” issues.

Khloe’s husband, Lamar Odom, saw his mother die young, his father get hooked on heroin and was raised by his maternal grandmother.

And Kanye West, Kim’s husband, is almost a Black cliche.

Not only is Kanye from a broken home, but his mom was the sort of clever, levelheaded and shrewd Black woman that so often gets mislabeled “strong“, and whose presence, if appreciated, can also be mistaken for domineering if, in fact, it actually isn’t.

And the conspiracy nut in me would be quick to imagine Kris as the female Vito Corleone or at least Malkina from “The Counselor” preying on the stereotypical weakness of Black men for white women, particular vulnerable Black men – the ones without fathers in their lives – and orchestrating scenarios where her daughters grab up the rich ones in order to insure some kinda future financial stability.

Going further, I’d say that this particular light bulb might have gone off in her head when she saw that $100 million Elin Nordegren, a former nanny, was able to cop simply from having married and popped out a couple of kids for Tiger Woods.

How apt does it become that rapper Tyga claims to have gotten his rap name because his mom thought he looked like the golfing great?

You can also imagine that Blac Chyna’s soon-to-be inclusion into the Kardashian clan through a marriage to son Rob, is the direct antithesis to the hustle Kris had, up until that point, been so successfully working.

And because I’m a fan of the artist, I can’t knock the Kanye-Kim union if only because during it, Kanye produced The Life of Pablo, for my money, his best album to date.

But let’s return to Ice Cube.

You see, “handle” can also mean “manipulate” or “control”.

So when seen from that perspective, you have to give it up to Cube.

Still a master of them words.

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