Is it Time to Stop Buying Jordans?


Mike gets a cut, so I’d be knocking his hustle to suggest that there be some sort of wholesale or even Black moratorium on Jordan purchases.

Still, I’m enough of a geezer to remember when Mike had his own line, the short-lived Flight brand.

Flight was a Jordan family owned and operated brand which I imagine Mike tanked as a response to the popularity of the Nike-backed product.

Fuck Nike.

There, I said it.

Fuck any brand that exploits Black people and profits off Black people without expecting Black people to anything other than continue to feed its bottom line.

How many Blacks are in research and development at Nike?

How many Blacks are in product placement?

Shit, how many Blacks are in advertising?

And I’m not just coming for Nike, though they’re the most obvious, the question becomes, remains and is why Black people spend money on anything that doesn’t empower us?

And I know, I know, I know, low self-esteem.

The shinny things will make us feel better, but does it?

Does it ever?

It’s no accident that the “Black is beautiful” movement was overlapped by the simultaneous and aggressively pursued – by liberals – integration movement.

We were starting to wander away.

If we had kept going at the pace, rate and direction we were going, our timely self-love might have might have propelled us so far into totally self-sufficient communities, that we would have might as well been in Africa for all the value we’d have been to the American makers of bullshit products.

Because of course, the whole (real) purpose behind integration was to stop our money from circulating within our own communities and get us to spend it outside ourselves, continually enriching others while continually impoverishing ourselves.

Worked like a charm too.

I’m guessing, from the door, they told us that buying white would bring us a little bit closer to actually being white.

They had us with that one.

Lord knows that next to finding a needle in a haystack, the hardest thing in the world is finding a Black person that doesn’t wanna be white.

That, despite knowing that we’re the ones that make everything cool.

Shit, most fashions and styles are only in fashion or style because we got them to pop.

But what if we stopped?

What if we rejected white culture and white values?

What if we rejected white government and white feminism?

What if we rejected white patriarchy and the bogus concept of white supremacy?

Most importantly, what if we rejected wholesale commercialism?

There’s roughly 43 million of us and with a projected buying power of 1.3 billion by 2017, we’d already be the 8th largest consumer nation in the world.

Not only does it make absolutely no sense for anyone with that kinda cash to be continually disrespected – as we have been – but companies should literally be kissing our asses to get us to buy their bullshit, unnecessary products.

And that doesn’t happen.

But we could make it happen.

How tho?

Where would we even start?

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