Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tookie Williams, & Getting Away With Murder


Admittedly, I’m confused.

I mean, by all accounts, former gang leader Stanley “Tookie” Williams, who instead of pardoning, former governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger put to death, had turned his life around.

He became the author of children’s books, a youth adviser, community counselor and gained the support of entertainment luminaries like Snoop Dogg and Jamie Foxx.

Good stuff.

Now, the fact that Mr. Williams was also the official and titular founder of the Crips gang was one thing.

The fact that he was a wild lunatic, high on drugs quite often and may have even been an actual murderer, still another.

The bottom line is, what we’d like to expect from our elected officials, if nothing else, would be consistency. If murder requires murder, then all murderers should face the death penalty. If not, some other method of punishment might be in order.

Personally, I’m not a big fan of the death penalty.

What if you’ve got the wrong guy?

This doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t totally understand if a friend or loved one was killed in front of a person and that person picked up whatever he could get his hands on and returned the favor.

I mean, there are even provisions in the bible that allow for that kinda shit.

And you know you’d get a big thumbs up from the Prophet Muhammad if you had to handle your business in just such a manner.

But when it comes to the state and dispassionate legislators deciding who should live and die for crimes that were committed, I have a problem.

Need I even point out the disparity of the death penalty being applied as it applies to Black convicts versus white ones?

Jeez, I’m starting to think my blog’s becoming a broken record of socioeconomic racial injustices.

I’m starting to think my readers click on my site thinking, “Let’s see how the Niggers got screwed over today.”

Well, yeah, I got another one and here it is:

Turns out that also while he was governor, Schwarzenneger took the chance to pay back a political favor and released Esteban Nunez, California Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez’s 27-year-old kid, after the kid had served only 6 years on his own murder beef.

Turns out young Esteban got fronted on at a party and denied entry so he and a homie took knives and ended a life.

22 year-old Luis Santos was unarmed and got murked, simple as that.

If you wanna add some more insanity to it, Nunez and his co-d were only sentenced to 16 years to start and Schwarzenegger still thought that this was too much time and that the boy had redeemed himself after only 6.

I don’t know if young Mr. Nunze wrote any children’s books. I don’t know if he worked as a community activist. I don’t know that he became deeply religious or ultimately anti-violence.

There’s a chance he ain’t do any of that shit.

The bottom line is, he was connected.

And now a murderer walks the streets again.

Not even a repentant murderer.

Just a guy that knew the right people.

Justice was served.

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