Jay-Z, Future & Why We Hate New Things


I, for one, was gassed when I heard that Jay-Z and Future were doing a song together.


Hov’s my all-time favorite, and when it comes to a diversity of abilities, diversity of the ways to makes sounds, I’d rank Future among the best things currently going.

Now, as I was with Jay, I was late to the Future parade.

I really ain’t even know who the fuck the boy was until he made “Love Song” with Rihanna.

Yeah, that late.

So at first, after thinking he was a singer, I thought, well at least the nigga can sing.

Then I heard him spit.

All-around talent is a rare thing.

If Hip Hop were basketball, Hov would be like a scorer in that all he does is MC.

You don’t see him in movies, you don’t hear of him producing and that one time he tried his hand at singing – that God-awful song “Honey” from The Best of Both Worlds that you’re still praying was just a joke – it was so bad that you wanted him traded to the white people for Billy Joel, cash considerations and a pick to be named later.

While Future, on the other hand, who can genuinely sing, has a MC style so lazy that if you’re not paying attention, the impact of what he’s slinging at you so effortlessly goes right past you and he’s movie-star good-looking so a, er, future in film is a definite possibility.

And it’s a great thing that these two are getting together because although Hov still has me waiting for a him and Redman collabo and the chance of a him and Pac collabo are nil, the possibilities of blending two or more things you like might always end up with the finished product being greater than the sum of its parts.

In other words, magic could be made.

Who’d have thought from that first trash Kanye-Jay collabo we’d ever get to Watch the Throne?

Now, no matter what this yet unheard song sounds like, people aren’t going to like it.

There’s always a natural resistance to new things if only because it’s human nature to wanna believe we already know everything so the appearance of something genuinely fresh forces us to interpret the unexplored, and that’s work.

And who wants to work?

“The strength of a mind might be measured by the amount of ‘truth’ it could endure”

Whatever the case and as obnoxious as this may seem for me to be saying, Future actually benefits more from making a song with Hov than Hov does from making a song with Future.

I mean, of course; Hov trotting his old ass out there to make a record with today’s young hot star isn’t even a thinly disguised attempt to stay relevant, but ask Future if he was a Jay-Z fan growing up.

Chances are, if he was a Hip Hop fan, he was.

Fans of the old-school will hearken back to when Jay was in Future’s position and a song called “The Watcher 2” matched him up against the Jay-Z of the 80s, Rakim Allah.

You could hear in Jay’s voice how excited he was.

It sounded like a dream come true for him.

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