How You Look Once They Kill Yo Ass


There was absolutely nothing I read about Pierre Loury that made him seem necessary.

Even his aunt Karen Winters’ great quote, “He’s a typical Chicago teen male, no different than any other young man living in this city, facing some of the same challenges and trials and tribulations,” made him seem totally disposable, made it seem, in fact, as if we might even be better off without him.

Then there’s the fact that he was described as an “aspiring rapper”.

Another rapper?

Who needs that?

And, of course, the gang tat on his neck, the arrest record, the social media pics of him smoking weed and holding guns make the 16 year-old’s life seem as if it’s only something that could only be privately mourned, if, in fact, we’re to imagine that even his mama ain’t secretly happy the boy’s dead.

So ignoring the fact that it’s deplorably lazy police work that causes an officer to shoot to kill when, after a brief foot chase, a suspect attempts to climb a fence, what we’re left with is another murder of a young Black male in Chicago, this one by police so expect protesters also expect the requisite imagery of the victim as somebody who, even if he didn’t deserve it or have it coming, shouldn’t be surprised that this is how it all turned out for him.

And should we bother to doubt that that’s the case?

I mean, what if young Pierre had been an aspiring surgeon and what if of the ten quotes on his life, the other nine documenting how he’d saved lives and helped children, rescued pets and fed the elderly, the one that the paper chose to run was the one by his aunt that I quoted?

The ugliest thing about America’s treatment of Black people isn’t it’s visciouness or even it’s indifference, it’s that it’s sucessfully corrupted even Black minds to the point that we don’t even give a fuck about us anymore.

I can’t feel any pity for this kid. I want to feel outrage, but even that’s too much to ask.

I’ve been innundated with this stuff. It’s coming out of my ears. It’s so bad that I expect it to happen. I aslo expect the response. That never changes either.

If the responsible cop’s head got blown off by one of Pierre’s loved ones, that would be a switch. I’m not saying that would be right, just different.

Of even if one of his friends blew the cop’s head off.

I mean, that’s what gangs are for, right?

You just let somebody ride on one of your homies and what? Now everybody attends the funeral in the same outfit?

Why even join a gang if that’s all that’s gonna happen?


And I neither agree with it or endorse it. Just using it to make a bad point.

Perhaps the worst thing about young Mr. Loury’s death is that the pics of him will be used as Judge and Jury since the murdering officer has already filled the role of Executioner.

You risk sounding crazier than Khalid Muhammad if you argue that no article of clothing can protect Black lives.

That, like chocolate does to taste buds, Black skin covers everything as far as perception is concerned and the person wearing it is guilty, no matter his actions, thoughts, deeds, intentions or history.

LIke that skit in Soul Man turned tragic, even if Pierre Loury had been pictured as a capped and gowned doctoral candidate, the way he looks up top is the way he would have been seen.

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