Shaun King, Jayson Blair and Why Black Writers are ALWAYS Charged with Plagiarism


Admittedly, I don’t know Jayson Blair‘s work at all. I can’t remember reading shit by the dude.

I remember the scandal resulting in Dude getting fired from the New York Times back in 2003. As in Mr. King’s case, Blair was charged with plagiarism.

Made sense.

Everybody knows a nigga’s frame of reference is limited so it stands to reason that if he’s either done some very good work, or just a lot of work, he’s been stealing from somewhere.

Forgive me for my 3rd Nietzsche quote in my last 10 posts.

I haven’t finished Beyond Good and Evil yet. It’s been a rough week, but: “It is a fundamental belief of all aristocrats that the common people are untruthful.”

And in America where the class system got very cleverly replaced by the mechanisms of skin color, need I explain who the “aristocrats” or the “common people” are in this case?

So yeah, plagiarism will always be believable for the Black man of letters. If something’s missing or stolen check the Nigger’s pockets.

If you’re Stephen Glass, you get movies made out of your deceit.

If you’re Black, you just get to go home without a job.

Now, unlike Jayson Blair, I actually did read Shaun King while he was on staff at the New York Daily News.

I read him for two reason: he had a Black face, and The New York Daily News just happens to be my paper.

Still, I wouldn’t say I read Mr. King a lot. To me, his kinda hustle gets old quick, and it’s something I consciously try to avoid doing here on – not saying I always succeed – because if day after day all you’re writing about is racial injustice, you’ll eventually hafta start looking for racial injustice just to keep on writing.

And, terrifyingly, there may indeed be some times where you might even have to manufacture a little racial injustice.

Still, even though I thought he was way off on his take on Chris Rock’s turn at hosting this year’s Oscars, so much so that I wrote something of a reply to it – which I scrapped in favor of some odd Trump piece I ended up running (y’all really would be amazed by my un-posted drafts. Should I kick or something, I’m fuccin with a Prince-level catalog of unreleased shit) – his Peyton Manning sexual assault history detailing was sensational, and there have been more than a few moments of, if not brilliance, then certainly clarity.

In other words, Shaun King was good.

Of course, of course, the real king of writing that Black shit is none other than The Atlantic and Howard University’s own Ta-Nehisi Coates.

Mr. Coates is the Black writer that other publications have in mind when they hire Black writers and does such yeoman’s work with such a commitment to task that it’s doubtful anyone would ever accuse him of plagiarism if only because it’s believed that he’s already looked under each and every one of the rocks blackness is known to hide under.

But it’s these times, homeless and all, that I’m happiest simply being Dickie Bhee.

I mean, whether on not Mr. King did actually commit plagiarism almost becomes academic.

He’s been fired and his career’s been, if not ruined, then thrown into severe question.

I had to even take down a scheduled and get busy on this post once the news about him broke.

Tomorrow’s post was gonna be “Why Ayesha Curry is Trash”.

And I was really looking forward to it.

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