Harriet Tubman, Feminism and Why God Left Men in Charge


Let’s start here: the worst thing about traditional sports wisdom is that the shit changes every fucking second. With every nuance, there’s a new line of thought.

Take basketball for instance. For years, it was generally believed that a dominant center was necessary for a team to win The Chip. Bill Russell set that example. Wilt won a couple and the game sorta either ignored or justified, Clyde Frazier, Magic, Bird, Doc and Isiah before it had to admit with Michael Jordan that maybe that shit was a flawed idea.

Same shit with quarterbacks in football. Folks used to think they had to be the team’s leader. Then Lawrence Taylor proved that he could win no matter who was under center and Ray Lewis proved the same shit.

And Lord knows that I’m not, in fact, an antifeminist – I’m a chauvinist; different animal altogether – but the biggest problem with feminism in it’s present fucked up incarnation is that it presupposes that all women are equal to all men never taking into consideration that all men ain’t equal to all men.

There are gradations of talent and ineptitude in every gender.

Some of your women friends are probably the biggest dingbats, ditzes, lamebrains and morons walking the planet, and you wouldn’t trust them hoes watching a houseplant let alone babysitting one of your brats.

So are you really to argue that these same halfwit bitches are genetically equal to the best of men just because of that other X chromosome?

That’s almost as bad as racism.

It might even be worse.

Now, props to Harriet Tubman and, of course, may she rest in peace, but she got picked to Face the new $20 bill. And I’m not gonna be the guy to whine that it should have been some Black dude, it’s just good to see that somebody that added genuine value to what allegedly makes America great be so honored.

Slavery was the law of the land at one point. Ms. Tubman, a woman that led escaped slaved to freedom, broke that law.

That’s why you should never confuse morality with legality.

Ms. Tubman is a hard looking woman. Beautiful, but earnest. If you’re a man and your balls ain’t sewn on tight, you might even be quick to suggest that she looks like a dyke.

Admittedly, even I was surprised to read that she had been married.

And as with determined forces of nature as Ms. Tubman certainly was, if they’re not yoked with other natures that are either equal or compliant, any kind of union is tough to work out.

So it shouldn’t be a surprise to anybody that Ms. Tubman’s marriage ain’t last. Her husband probably either didn’t know or wasn’t comfortable with his role.

But wait Dickie Bhee, you’re the chauvinist pig who’s arguing that God left men in charge! says the fool that missed the entire point of my sports analogy in the beginning.

Like I wrote, there is no traditional logic when it comes to winning. You follow whoever’s best at leading. That means that yes, there are certain times and relationships when a bitch should take the lead and run the show.

It just won’t be my bitch or my show.

Unless I run into Toni Morrison again.

As far as God, only parents base a pecking order on birthrights.

And since in almost all religions, God is The Father, in those very same religions, men are the oldest.

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