Chronicle of a(nother) Death Foretold


You ever notice how when people start talking about something that they want and then start to go into all the things they’d do to get it, it’s always the must fucked up and deplorable list of shit imaginable?

Like, you might hear a girl say some shit like, “I want those shoes so bad, I might strip, sell drugs or kill somebody.”

And those three are relatively tame in comparison to some of the stuff you’ll hear.

In fact, of all the times I’ve ever heard a “what I’d do” thread launched into, the one time I heard sensible choices, they came from the most unlikely of sources, Rick Ross.

On the song “Valley of Death” and after imaginably feeling pressed to either deny or defend that accusations that he’d at one point been a parole officer, referencing his children, Rozay spit, “I got two kids and for me to feed them I get two gigs.”

And interestingly enough, he also alluded that he’d either literally or figuratively “shovel shit”.

And while the sarcastic among us might argue that’s exactly what he’s been doing for his entire rap career, I was still impressed that it took a rapper to point out the necessity of hard work.

A couple days ago, we lost Amy Joyner-Francis, a 16 year-old sophomore at Howard High School in Delaware.

Her death, though tragic, was inevitable.

Ever since social media started making people stars for their depravity, there’s been a rush of folks out to prove how low that they could go.

After a beef that was allegedly set off over a boy, Amy got jumped in her high school’s bathroom by a few girls, and the people that weren’t actually fighting against her, were allegedly filming the incident.

Can’t blame them.

What’s a life in comparison to having something that you filmed go viral?

And while it’s doubtful that any of the girls that took part in the killing of young Amy actually wanted to kill our girl, simply following both the escalating need and escalating severity of the violence that becomes popular as its shared and liked, I have little doubt that the girls involved were at least trying to make sure that they put on a good show.

And even if those girls didn’t mean to kill poor Amy, it is infinitesimally doubtful they’ll be able to pull a Peter Liang, claim the whole thing was an accident and walk with no jail time at all.

No, even though it’s just as unlikely that these girls “woke up that morning with the intent to kill” as I’ve read said in Mr. Liang’s defense, the likelihood that they’re Black leads to the certainty that they’re criminals.

And no, I’m not defending them, I think that everybody should got to jail, Liang probably most of all.

But perhaps the most troubling question is: is it all our fault?

I mean, I watch this clips as too and I’m probably twice as likely to ‘like’ one where some bitch gets smacked or some dude gets knocked out than one reporting on how some Black girl got accepted into every single Ivy League college.

You can’t have it both ways; you’ve either gotta shun them all, even the funny, or laugh at each, even the fatal.

The point I think I’m ultimately making is that once upon a time, people used to stop when their own pathology hit rock bottom.

Now they just start digging.

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