What Should Happen to the Girls that Killed Amy Joyner-Francis?


A lot of this is gonna read like I’ve written it before because I have, in fact, written it before.

You know how I love the notion that we Colored Folk is supposed to be so intellectually inferior right up until the point that we break the law; then we become criminal masterminds.

Previously, I used the example of Ethan Couch, the murderous “affluenza” teen who was so rich that the courts felt that he couldn’t be held responsible for his actions because his riches had prevented him from ever learning responsibility and I had contrasted that by how Black teens are supposed to be completely responsible – despite this alleged intellectual inferiority – and should, if ever found guilty of crimes, be prosecuted to the full extend of the law, given all maximums, locked away, key thrown, forgotten about if possible.

The part that leaves you equally flummoxed is the dual perspective of young Black criminals as “animals” coupled with the notion of young non-Black criminals as abnormalities.

The “animals”, of course, should be locked away – forcing us to consider how they were ever allowed to roam freely in the society of men in the first place – meanwhile, the abnormalities are to be studied.

The biggest tragedy, we can imagine through implication, in cases like Dylan Klebold, Eric Harris and Adam Lanza, wasn’t that they shot up a high school in the first case, and an elementary school in the second, but that all three committed suicide at the end of their crimes, preventing teams of psychiatrists and psychologists from taking a possible crack at them.

But back to the “animals”. Since wildness is in an animal’s very nature, how on earth should we presume to punish a being for behaving within the confines of it’s nature?

Moreover, why do we issue harsher sentencing to folks from whom we’ve been persuaded to expect crime – because logically, an unexpected insult stings far worse that one we’d girded ourselves against – when we knew from the beginning what to expect?

Now we have the absolutely unsurprising murder of a beautiful 16 year-old by a gang of girls in a bathroom.

It was a fight over a boy, it got out of control and in a WorldStar world where it’s “pics or it didn’t happen” you best believe the fight itself  had been set up in advance to be filmed and as a result, none of the fellow “actresses” wanted to disappoint.

Then young Amy Joyner-Francis died.

You can tell that the court system was established with class, then subsequently race in mind because were it not, rules would be ironclad and breakers would all be subjected to the exact same punishment with no respect to person.

That way, the cop that kills the unarmed, the revenge killer and the “accident” murderer would all face the same fate.

And while even I’ll admit that I’d love to be in the courtroom where the young ladies responsible for young Amy’s death are to be tried just so that I can look into their eyes and form my own opinion of either their boldness or their reticence, the truth is, Christian or not, I absolutely do agree with Matthew 7:1.

Because if all that’s known is deed, how can you decide on motivation?

Yet that’s exactly what we created “courts of law” to do.

And perhaps worst of all, while at least the courts have juries that are literally forced into judging, drop in on any social media site and you’ll find millions of people willing to offer up their services completely free of charge.

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