#BlackLivesMatter Should Bring Back Free Breakfast for Children


The reasons that J. Edgar Hoover called the old Black Panthers’ Free Breakfast for Children program “the greatest threat to the internal security of the country” were threefold:

  1. It made the Panthers sympathetic
  2. There was the terrifying possibility of an entire generation of Black Panther-indoctrinated youth
  3. Even if the youth didn’t become fully indoctrinated, the likelihood was that with the additional education that came with the free breakfast, they’d no longer be content with their on-the-bottom status quo

All made sense.

Breakfast is considered the most important meal and don’t think for a minute that the Panthers weren’t serving up extra helpings of Black Pride along with those eggs and waffles.

Also, despite whoever came up with the absolutely ass-fucked notion that Black kids suffered from too much schooling, the reality was quite the opposite.

The likelihood was probably that as with the additional education that Hebrew schools provide for young Jews, young Black kids would also benefit with higher IQs as a result of additional, Black culture-oriented information.

And of course, we couldn’t have any of that.

Not then at least.

Now, however, might finally be the time.

And the truth is, as it was with the Panthers, Free Breakfast for Children is the logical next step for the Black Lives Matter movement.

As things are now with the way the media is beginning to manipulate the narrative, Black Lives Matter almost looks like vultures; eagerly awaiting the next police shooting of an unarmed Black just so that they can have something to yell about.

Restarting Free Breakfast for Children would take them out of the reactionary realm make them proactive.

In chess, the whole game changes once black stops being defensive and goes on attack.

Also silencing critics that try to argue that Black Lives Matter doesn’t care about “Black-on-Black Crime” would be a byproduct because who the fuck do you think will be cooking the chicken?

That’s right, the biggest criminals in the hood!

Give them their due; just like mafia members, no Black outlaws want to see kids follow down their path and most would do anything in their power to avoid it including showing up every morning to cook whether it be court-ordered community service or just out of the goodness of their own hearts.

And the truth is, we’d all be there, I know I would.

College students, working stiffs, young people, old people, celebrity drop-in would be plentiful and, while we’ve still got Obama for these few months, we’d need to make sure the Free Breakfast program becomes an officially licensed and approved charity so all the money given would be tax refundable which would actually encourage people to give more.

When you “give at the office” you could be giving to the Black Lives Matter Free Breakfast for Children Program.

That’s big.

Last, and though, as I’ve said, “Black-on-Black Crime” is a preposterous misnomer and it’s like the American Black community, in order to prove some lack of pathology to a band of expunged criminals and prostitutes, have to live virtually crime-free and in neighborhoods that are the same, this far fetched altogether unlikelihood would actually come closer to fruition via a Free Breakfast For Children program.

Nothing unites like a common enemy or a common goal.

And while I’d be the last to ever give any enemy a racial component, I will say that child hunger surfices just fine as an enemy while ending it works well as a goal.

Think about it.



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