Will Sasha and Malia Marry Black Dudes?


I was a little bummed out upon hearing that Malia Obama had been accepted to Harvard and that, after sitting out a year, she would attend.

I mean, I know I’m supposed to join the herd in congratulations, agreeing that it’s some kinda fucking honor for the child of a President to attend an Ivy League school, but forgive me – or don’t – for not.

This ain’t dickiebheeandthegroupthink, this is dickiebheeonthestreetz and before I’ll be a slave, I’ll be buried in my own opinion.

And sadly, at first I misread that CNN ticker as “Howard” and I even cheered thinking “Yes! A coup!”

Then my vision cleared and the disappointment set in.

And don’t get me wrong, it didn’t hafta be Howard. It could have been Spelman.

The point is, I was hoping Malia Obama, well, both Obama girls really, would attend HBCUs, at least for undergrad.

I was hoping this because my secret fear – terror really – is that one, the other, or both girls will marry white boys.

And yes, while my personal racism is just as virulent as a Nigger-lynching Klansman from the turn of the (prior) century, this particular fear isn’t motivated by hatred of the “other”.

No, this fear is based solely on my awareness that the perception of Black pathology being what it is, if either Obama girl were to marry white, instead of allowing for the possibility that one, the other or both simply happened to fall in love with who they’d fallen in love with, the subliminal message received would be that neither girl could find men of any value within their own race.

Real racists would love it.

And the scary thing you can almost picture is that aside from the shockingly rare contacts that either girl does have with Black kids of even vaguely comparable backgrounds, the rest of the imagery they get on their Black peer group is the same that the rest of America gets; rap videos, social media, and television news showing criminals that have been apprehended and criminals still on the loose.

What also sucks is that it’s automatically assumed that when white Presidents have daughters, if those daughters have any interest in marrying, there’ll be a significant field of eligible and accomplished young (white) men of breeding and character among the potentials.

It would be completely out of the question to imagine that one of them would marry Black.

I mean, shit, we just had an allegedly super liberal ex-President lose a daughter to marriage back in 2010.

LeBron was still single back then.

Nas was newly divorced.

But realistically, if worst came to worst, a white ex-President’s daughter could always chose a well-bred, high ranking European for a mate.

Unlike Africa, where we’re left believing the whole continent emerged from mud huts sometime in the mid 1980s, Europe is taken as being a completely evolved mass of independent nation-states, divided by language alone but united in their superiority compared to anything non-European.

And again, don’t get me wrong; I’d have these same reservations if the Obamas had sons.

Petty obsessions over bullshit like “body counts” mean nothing to a class a people empowered enough to realize that only the broke “cheat”. The rich have “affairs”.

At least if she’d attended an HBCU, Malia would have seen the full range of Black male intellect and charisma in all its dizzying splendor.

Then again, I could be overreacting.

After all, her father, Barry himself, attended Harvard.

But what’s the chance Harvard’s made another one of those?

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