The Problem With Atheists


The only real problem with atheists is that too many take a position of intellectual superiority over believers.

They imagine that just because they don’t endorse the “Man in the Sky” they’re somehow smarter than those that do.


What makes it so is the fact that in debunking the “Man in the Sky”, the atheist’s counter offer is something just as and possibly even more preposterous; they believe in something from nothing, or simply, the “no” answer.

If pressed, an atheist will give you a “Big Bang“.

He won’t provide the impetus of that “Bang” however, or what was around, pardon the pun, in the beginning, to “Bang”, but this will be his best suggestion.

And this they consider “logic”.

Never mind that too many of those that consider themselves atheist don’t so much reject the concept of a God as they do the concept of religion.

And that’s understandable.

Religion is absolute nonsense.

Look at the majors: on the one hand, you’ve got a God that’s a completely psychotic murderous asshole.

His first law?

Have no other gods before Him.

The loophole that the megalomaniac god of the bible leaves is that you can apparently have other gods in addition to Him.

On the other hand, you’ve got the Arm Leg Leg Arm Head that is “Allah” – notice: no dick – where He’s kinda The Watchmen’s Comedian.

Ever read the Koran?

I couldn’t stop laughing.

So in reality, religion has about as much to do with God as music reviews have to do with the New York City Marathon.

It’s just a bunch of bad interpretations.

And a pet peeve I have is when people allege that they don’t believe in God because of “man’s inhumanity”, like that’s all that ever happens and nobody ever does you a solid, tells you a joke, makes you smile, falls in love with you.

But that’s not even my biggest peeve. My biggest one is so big that I can’t even call it a “pet”.

I absolutely hate when atheist co-opt agnosticism as if it’s somehow related to their argument when, in reality, it’s a completely independent position that actually is the intellectually correct one.

How can you know?

You’ve got a finite brain in a head attached to a body that dies.

You wouldn’t know your own name if they didn’t keep repeating it when they looked at you.

Atheists need a creator for their exploding particles, believers need a creator for their God.

Both positions reach the same dead end.

Since that’s the case, “belief” is and always has been the wrong word for dealing with the possibility of the existence of God for a genuine intellectual.

A real Man of the Mind neither “believes” or “disbelieves”. A real Man of the Mind either “feels the presence” of a God or doesn’t.

This is because a real Man of the Mind knows better than anyone that there is far more to the self than just the mind.

Besides, with atheists and their implied intellectual investment, you’d imagine they willfully subjugate impulse, emotion, instinct and drive.

But they don’t.

They do feel.

Just not the presence of a God.

And that’s cool.

It only becomes wack when they use this lack of feeling as proof of some intellectual hierarchy.

Then it becomes bullshit.

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