Prince Was Killed By Warner Brothers


I never started a post that I was so sure would receive a collective “Duh!” from readers, but after watching my 15th “Prince was killed by the Illuminati as a blood sacrifice” video on YouTube, I decided that I probably needed to write something that would begin to set the record straight.

I mean it is fascinating that Prince died on Queen Elizabeth’s birthday and that he had started discussing the fact that chemtrails potentially left the kind of mood altering toxins the rest of us learned about from Kingsmen, and as always, there’s some funky numerology, but, for my money, no Illuminati.

Do I even believe in the Illuminati?

Sure, I believe there are secret societies of odd rich people that like to dress up, throw weird parties, have strange sex, worship Satan and plot world domination, but I also know that at any moment, those fuckers could get hit by a buses so as far as “controlling” the world?


As far as influencing the world?


As All the President’s Men’s famous line “Follow the money”, teaches that who stands to profit most is usually guilty.

Prince had just regained ownership rights to his music from Warner Brothers.

Warner Brothers still had full controlling rights over some of his old shit but would have none of his new.

To Warner Brothers at least, Prince was worth far more dead than alive.

And the 3.5 million in sales of his music from 4/21 to 4/26, proves that point.

The notion that Prince was some kinda junkie that overdosed should be plausible to every group in the world except one: junkies.

Even the most leisurely junkie is better than any doctor at qualifying his own physiology, knowing how much stuff gets him “right” and how much, if possible, would be too much.

The only way that a junkie as skilled as we’re all suddenly being peddled into believing that Prince was could ever possibly overdose would be if he ever got a hold of a “bad batch“, and since we’re also supposed to imagine that Prince was hooked on the over-the-counter stuff, that would be virtually impossible.

So an overdose? No way.

Also, the fact that he was allegedly found at his Paisley Park recording studio “in an elevator” was so heavy-handed and vulgar that it was disgusting.

Are we supposed to believe that Prince, of all people, had let the elevator break him down?

Oh no. Let’s go… deeper.

In the movie Network,  Howard Beale, a network news anchor with low ratings responds to the news that he’s about to be fired at first by threatening suicide, then by literally going crazy on air.

Diana Christensen, in charge of programming, decides that’s something commercial about Beale’s insanity and she’s right.

For a while, Howard Beale has a hit show.

Then his ratings start to tank.

Since he’s a darling in the eyes of the network’s biggest boss, the other execs, Christensen included, decide they must have him killed.

Howard Beale has one advocate throughout the whole movie; his old friend Max Schumacher.

Max didn’t even want Howard to do the revamped news broadcast, felt it was exploitative.

Max had been fired long before the decision to kill Howard came along.

Where was Prince’s Max Schumacher?

Had he been fired too?

I mean, this is the same shit that Michael Jackson fans accused Sony of doing to their guy.

Reminds you of that Bob Marley line from “Redemption Song”;

How long shall they kill our profits while we stand aside and look?

Forever, Bob.


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