Clone Beyonce, Pregnant Blac Chyna, Rape at Morehouse and Jay Z’s Side of the Story


I never read The Boys from Brazil, but I saw the movie and I do believe that the Nazis had already perfected or were close to perfecting the process of cloning by the end of World War II.

That’s how badly they wanted to get another Hitler into circulation.

The fact that animals have been being cloned for 20 years now leaves no doubt that the process works. We can probably also bet that, by now, they’ve cloned a human or two.

But Beyonce?

Let me tell you why nah: unless Matthew Knowles had the foresight to do it at birth, the notion peddled online that there’s already a fully functioning virtual double of Beyonce that’s a clone is bunk because clones have to be recreated entirely.

They have to be born through a mother as an infant.

It wouldn’t just be like James T. Kirk spinning naked in that machine on Star Trek and then, boom! there’s two of them!


Similarly… or maybe not, you can’t deny that Kim Kardashian’s an inspiration because of the wondrous job she’s done in inspiring Blac Chyna.

If anybody’s ever seen the movie All About Eve, they get my meaning.

And don’t shill the style of a come-up as having a phat ass, playing dumb, then latching and leeching from man to man till you get one that’s got enough of what you want to keep (for the moment, at least), then get mad when that same technique gets used effectively on your own brother!

Trust; anyone’s hustle can be appropriated.

Jordan wasn’t even out the door before Kobe had more than 1/2 the nigga’s moves down pat.

There’s some Godknowswhoonthestreetz right now swallowing up every word I write thinking, “I’m gonna get that nigga!”

But he’s not.

At least, I hope he’s not!

On a different note entirely, I hate that a young Spelman student accused 4 young Morehouse men of rape, not just because I’m an HBCU guy myself or because not 3 days ago I posted my desire to see the Obama girls attend HBCUs, it’s just that I think that if men were truly honorable, they’d do like the old NBA players used to do whenever a foul was called against them – the last to do so was, interestingly,  Charles Oakley – and that was simply raise their hand so that the ref could identify them.

I’ve made the point before that men don’t really believe in rape because most of us see fucking a woman as doing her a favor and never got over the notion of paternalism to the extent that a woman is never herself, at best, she’s some man’s wife, daughter or mother.

And it’s in cases of rape that men expect the woman in question to turn to a husband, father, son to handle it.

That’s why male cops always handle rape awkwardly.

They’re wondering where the men in the victim’s life are.

Last, Hov needs to stop.

Not recording.

Never stop recording, Hov.

But if he’s gonna waddle off to the studio with a male empowerment anthem that’s a response to his wife’s Lemonade, he needs to know that that album’s already been made.

It’s called Views and it sucks ass!

We don’t mind that you mix in fatherhood and relationship issues with the flames you spit going back to ’96 Hov, but it’s way too late in your career to go emo.

If you think you’ve got a new direction in you, let’s hear that.

And don’t try to make your own version of Ghostdini: The Wizard of Poetry, either.

That’s fine the way it is.

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