Was Ray Lewis Fired for Criticizing Black Lives Matter?

26 Nov 2014, London, England, UK --- London, United Kingdom. 26th November 2014 -- People hold candles, posters and placards at the candlelit vigil for Michael Brown, calling for justice and stressing that 'Black Lives Matter'. -- Over a thousand people, angry at the decision not to charge Darren Wilson with murder, attended a candlelit vigil at the US Embassy calling for justice and an end to the racism that allows police in the US and UK to shoot black people. --- Image by © Peter Marshall/Demotix/Corbis

I’ve got more that a few issues with Ray Lewis, starting with the fact that I’m a Jets fan, including the delusional belief held by some that he had anywhere near the talent of a Lawrence Taylor regarding the fact that in one video missal, he roundabout suggested that Blacks found “unity” in slavery, and never excluding, of course, that fact that he might have actually killed a couple niggas.

I am adamantly opposed to the death of Black people. It’s probably my least favorite thing, yet running only slightly behind the death of anyone else.

Still, the scary notion that during the aforementioned Lewis video missal, he offered a critique of Black Lives Matters, a critique that was once the exclusive and mocking provenance of racists whites but has started to gain traction in the Black community, that Black Lives Matters as an organization only seemed to believe in the slogan to their own motto if a Black life is lost due to the negligence, indifference or brutal, psychotic overindulgence of a white cop, and not if said Black life was lost at the hands of another Black person.

This would be completely devastating if true.

We know that Black Lives Matters was founded as a protest to the acquittal of Trayvon Martin murderer George Zimmerman, and gained momentum as a response to excessive police brutality against Blacks, but now that the movement is 3 years old, a little evolution is probably in order.

Like I’ve suggested myself, just as The Black Panthers were initially formed as a self-defense oriented political party, perhaps it’s time for Black Lives Matters, like the Panthers, to start serving breakfast to children.

Should they bullheadedly insist on only springing into action whenever a cop murders an unarmed Black, then in a macabre Catch-22, they’ll eventually need cops to keep killing unarmed Blacks simply to continue to exist.

And what does it say if they’ve got the power to cost Ray Lewis his job as a NFL commentator for the ESPN? It’s been announced that he’s leaving the network and the feeling is that the decision wasn’t mutual.

I mean even Dick Gregory, who’s commitment to Blackness couldn’t be questioned by Shaka Zulu himself, dismissed the Black Lives Matter movement as “bullshit” by remarking that they were funded by the Koch Brothers.

Is this then another liberal distraction, getting us to seek saviors in some Great White Hope(s), instead of clicking our heels three times, repeating “there’s no people like Black people” and solving our issues ourselves?

After all, it was the same Mr. Gregory that our late Prince was referencing when he detailed the now infamous effects of chemtrails in our communities.

I myself posted something on the Black Lives Matter Reddit subhead that was promptly removed by one of the moderators.

My post wasn’t even critical of the movement, just expectant.

Have the brothers and sisters of Black Lives Matters now literally become fascist with their good intentions to the point where even counter or alternative arguments will no longer be tolerated?

Because as it stands now, it’s starting to look like only the White Takers of Black lives matter.

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