Woody Allen, Bill Cosby, Prince and What to Believe


Historically, if there were two niggas at a Woody Allen movie, it was me and whatever girl I was fucking with at the time.

Ask any of my exes, they’ll tell you; we saw at least one Woody Allen movie together, and depending on how long we were together, more.

I am a serious Stan of this dude. He’s my favorite filmmaker. He leaves my 2nd fave, Tarantino, comfortably in the dust with Spike Lee bringing up a distant third.

But what could you expect from a Black kid growing up in New York, already considered “weird” and in a town where they showed this guy’s movies on local television.

From a boy, I was already racist enough to have decided that I liked my white folks best with a television screen between us.

And the red-headed guy with the glasses just always seemed to be doing something funny.

Similarly, and like I’ve written, More of the Best of Bill Cosby was the album that I knew best in the world as a boy.

I had a vague idea of who Pryor was, but I wouldn’t have been able to listen to him spit his shit at home. He was too blue. Wouldn’t have rocked with Mom.

Plus Bill voiced Fat Albert, plus Bill was in my all-time favorite movie ever, Lets Do It Again, how could Bill go wrong?

Then, with Prince, for years we thought he was the “clean” one. Being so religious and all, we’d have thought that his faith in God would be enough to sustain him and that he wouldn’t need drugs.

Now that he’s dead, we’re either learning or being guided toward believing that he was some kinda junkie.

Hes not around to defend himself, so who’s to say?

With Woody, it’s old accusations that he’s a pedophile, once levied by his adopted daughter Dylan Farrow, now returned to the surface by his biological son Ronan Farrow.

These accusations have an uncomfortable air of credibility if only because Woody famously married another one of his ex-love partner Mia Farrow’s adopted children, Soon-Yi Previn.

Still, Ronan is calling for an actor boycott of his pops and not jail.

That’s strange.

We all know that with Cosby, he went down to accusations of multiple rape through repeatedly doping his alleged victims and then forcing himself on them.

Black conspiracy theorists defend this dude by arguing that it was Cosby either readying himself to buy NBC, or his taking it upon himself to begin to preach tough-love to the Black underclass and trying to single-handedly and internally end Black pathology which made him a target for white liberals to whom Black pathology is some kind of cash cow.

For these guys Cos had to be taken down.

My own personal position on whether or not he actually “raped” anybody has been consistently that he put any and all possibilities on the table once he cheated on his wife.

And in the end, what do we know?

Absolutely fucking nothing.

Since the benefits of any age are also it’s costs, we’re now potentially paying for a time when a rich man, particularly a rich white man, could get away with anything by currently wading through a time when any accusation is fact whether or not it actually becomes proven.

Since our triggers are racism, sexism and homophobia we snap at the vey suggestion of their existence, no evidence needed.

So in the end, what does it matter what’s true?

Or more accurately, why should truth matter more now than it ever has before?

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