The Plot to Stop Beyoncé


People piss me off, treating me like I’m crazy because I place full responsibility for the murders of Tupac Shakur and The Notorious B.I.G. in the lap of then-President Bill Clinton.

And the reason it makes me so mad is because it’s usually “woke” people that treat me this way.

Niggas that can tell you everything about the Tuskegee Experiment and know the exact origin date for the AIDS virus and can recite every single COINTELPRO-sponsored murder and have actually listened to the tapes the FBI recorded on Dr. King, but when I mention the murders of two of the most famous musicians in history?


And, I mean, come on; no arrest?

The number one and two recording artists in the entire world and nobody, still on this goddamn May 13, 2016 day has not one person been arrested?

Not one person in either case?

Well, forgive me for not being so fucking stupid as to believe that they can’t find nobody.

No, the reason they can’t find nobody is because they’re not looking for anybody.

They never were.

They never had to.

We’re told that Tupac got shot by a passing car.



Meanwhile we know the car Pac was in was bulletproof.

In Biggie’s case, we know the name of the killer. It’s Amir Muhammad.

We’ve even got his picture.


He’s been actually cleared of suspicion in Big’s murder – without having ever been arrested for it.

How convenient!

But why, Dickie Bhee? Why? And what does this have to do with Beyonce?

Well, I’ll tell you.

The biggest mistake we Negroes made in regards to Bill Clinton – other than helping elect him – was making him an “Honorary Black Man“.

That went right to his head.

And while it literally breaks my heart to find fault with Toni Morrison for anything, since it was her fingers through which the anointing oil flowed, she bears a potion of the guilt.

But Clinton really did begin to believe he was a Black man while he was in office; the best kind.

The kind that could act without responsibility, go all kid-in-a-candy-store when it came to shit like starting wars and fucking interns, but could dust off the old white skin privilege when taking a paternalistic approach to dealing with real Black people, signing an insanely excessive crime bill and whatnot “for our own good”.

So it was as this “nigga” with neither the noire nor the naps that Clinton must have watched aghast as two of the genuine articles started a rap beef that would eventually include two whole coasts of also “real” niggas.

Can you imagine the effects on our “First Black President’s” ego?

I mean, he had the crown, yet here were two ink spots able to galvanize support for their causes on a coastal level!

Imagine they were to ever unite – which, given enough time, would eventually of course happen – I mean no beef lasts forever, look at Jay Z and Nas.

Shit, Common and Cube are even doing a Barbershop together.

No, in order to keep the Blacks fractured and fighting, both them darkies would have to be done away with so Black America could go back to being led by who did it best; white people.

That’s why there’s no way Beyonce would survive, shit, could survive a Hillary Clinton administration.

You think Hillary could tolerate another woman sharing the same earth and country with the ability to inspire, ignite and unify that a Beyonce has?

Shit, they’d find our Queen’s corpse somewhere in a Freakum Dress next to an empty carton of Minute Maid.

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Dickie Bhee is a self-styled lunatic, a Renaissance showman, a Class A, Grade A buffoon, a nigga that believes in the greatness of Niggerhood a social gadfly and a genuine Man About Town.

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