What’s Worse: Prostitution or Porn?


Back when I was really on my porn shit hard, things got so bad that I would actually watch these bitches give interviews and whatnot.

I’d sit there mesmerized; like it was Dr. King, Gandhi, Dick Gregory or Angela Davis speaking or some shit and it would just be Pinky.

Anyway, this one time, they’re interviewing Cherokee D’ Ass.

Now, if my dick is keeping score, it’s really gonna issue some payback for the amount of times it’s taking a beating over that ho.

So, they’re asking her the basic rigmarole, how’d she get into porn, does she enjoy it, then I can’t remember if she ventured off on her own or was prompted but she gets to describing a scenario where some dude offered her $10,000 for the pussy.

Then, for a second, she seemed like she wasn’t gonna say whether or not she took the deal before breaking down and admitting that she did.

Imagine my heartbreak.

A common whore this bitch was!

Never mind the porn. I mean, the porn was a job.

It might not have been the preferred line of work that a man would look for a love interest to have, but if he couldn’t understand that a porn star was an actress first and a professional woman second, then that was his problem.

And who knows if I was planning on having babies with Cherokee D’ Ass, I mean Roxy Reynolds and Melrose Foxxx, yeah, definitely, but the bottom line is that I was so disappointed that she’d made this life choice that I lost an appreciable amount of respect for her.

And here’s the thing; immediately, two other issues surfaced for me to consider, maybe even three. Maybe four, I don’t know.

First, they say that “every man has his price”.

Was this true? If so, then we were all a bunch of prostitutes, simply turning our noses up at certain shit because we hadn’t been offered enough money to do it yet.

This meant that deep inside everyone was a cock-sucker or an ass-muncher or whatever your most vehemently rejected practice.

Then there was, what if you only did it once/had a higher moral reason for doing it?

Surely, a prostitute was in that line of work. If every bitch that’s ever given up some pussy for cash, or a hot pair of shoes, hairdo, jewels, paid rent or baby formula could be considered a “prostitute”, then how many non-prostitutes were out there really?

Then also, just because somebody paid you to do something, did that make you somebody that did that thing for pay?

Like, if somebody gave me $5 to join a pick-up game, did that make me a professional basketball player?

Last, and maybe even most importantly, what’s wrong with being a prostitute?

There are virtuous hookers in the bible (a few of them; way more than just Mary Magdalene) and using my own logic – this time, against myself – if I can concede professionalism to porn actresses, why then remove it from women of the night?

Is it because my own personal chauvinism allows for men to sell any and all of their values for cash, but can’t imagine that a woman could even possibly possess anything more valuable than her body?


That’s it exactly.

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