Which Bathroom for Trannies?


I don’t mean to offend, but you trannies need to shut the fuck up.

I got news for y’all; nobody likes themselves. Everybody wishes for differences; most people, more than one.

I myself, the legendary and beautiful Dickie Bhee, wanted to be 6’3″with good teeth. No on both counts.

And before you fix your face to tell me that height and teeth are nothing in comparison to feeling that you were born in the wrong body: assigned the wrong gender at birth, well, I’ve got a question: who the fuck are you to quantify my pain?

That’s what today’s world comes down to.

I deserve the most pity because I’m a:

1. Nigger
2. Woman
3. Fag
4. Heterosexual white male
5. “Other”

And I’ve got a question for all you pity seekers: exactly who are you seeking pity from?

Who is qualified to make you feel better about yourself?

There was a time when fags, freaks, weirdos and those mislabeled “normal” all sought the same thing; the right to quietly live out their lives free from oppression and tyranny.

Now, everybody demands a voice, and the smaller the cause, the louder the voice.

Can’t blame them.

Fags have been amazingly effective in bullying anyone even on the fringes of being opposed to homosexuality into shamed silence.

That’s not a good thing.

I can’t have a conflicting viewpoint?

I have to stand up and cheer just because you announce to the world that you love dick?

I can’t turn away in disgust?

More importantly, I can’t be indifferent?

And don’t get me wrong, I’m a Nigger and nothing makes me sicker than a bunch of yelling Niggers acting like any white person’s opinion anywhere is worth giving a fuck about.

Sure, protest when we’re shot down in the street, but get up in arms just because some cracker said Nigger?


If racism is a “disease” and I’m not a sufferer, why the fuck am I supposed to cure it?

Similarly fags – and I’ll get back to you trannies, never worry – of course you buttfuckers should be able to marry, the bible don’t say shit against that. G’head and get married in that church. It just says y’all shouldn’t fuck so enjoy platonic bliss.

And really, love is great; have fun, have your parades, rock out, suck each other’s cocks on the floats, film it, I’ll even jack off to it if the cock is juicy enough, but relax already.

You don’t deserve to be brutalized but you don’t deserve to be celebrated. You’re just sucking dick, anybody could do it.

Now you trannies; I don’t like make-up, weaves or cosmetic surgery and one of my least favorite things in the world to see is some sloppy fat bitch walking around with her hair and nails on point.

I don’t think there’s too many issues a person couldn’t fix with a gym membership and a good orthodontic surgeon.

To me, most of the fixes that anybody need are internal.

And if you were completely honest with yourselves, being you is probably not even that goddamn bad, is it?

So stay in the bathrooms assigned to your birth gender.

Before you change your bathroom, change your sex.

There’s doctors that can do that kinda shit now.

Think about the loophole left open with this stupid bathroom gimmick some random isolated opinionated jackass has made today’s cause celebre.

All a pedophile has to do to be around young children of the opposite sex is claim to be a trannie now.

And I’m sure no self-respecting trannie wants to be confused with one of those degenerates.

About the Author

Dickie Bhee is a self-styled lunatic, a Renaissance showman, a Class A, Grade A buffoon, a nigga that believes in the greatness of Niggerhood a social gadfly and a genuine Man About Town. Also: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B01E7NYMP4

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