The ONE Way LeBron is EXACTLY Like Jordan


You’d have to be older than 20 to remember all the cats that were better than Jordan. There were tons of them.

To start, it would have been laughable to have compared Mike to Magic or Larry Bird, both of whom were established champions by the time Jordan hit The League in ’84, Magic, a couple times over already.

So no, Mike’s first serious comparison was to, believe it or not, Dominique Wilkims, which probably seems laughable now.

And while the Jordan-to-Clyde Drexler comparison was concurrent; was, in fact, the reason the Portland Trailblazers who had the second pick in the 1984 NBA draft passed on Jordan – having drafted Drexler the year before – the Jordan-to-Barkley comparison didn’t come until later and after it was decided that Barkley would indeed be a star and wouldn’t eat himself out of The League.

After Jordan became a champ, Penny Hardaway was either supposed to be as good or the next version and SLAM Magazine even ran a Grant Hill cover where they described young Grant as “Just Like Mike. Only Better”


My point, if you haven’t figured it out already, is that only through the prism of time can greatness truly be appreciated.

Consider Peyton Manning.

The first thing that pops into mind is that he was the first quarterback to lead two different NFL franchises to The Chip; and he just retired.

Gone from memory already are the loses; in Super Bowls and otherwise.

Similarly, let’s cut the horseshit; you can like who you like, but if you’re ready to fix your face to say that there’s a better player than LeBron James in the NBA now, or over the course of at least the last 10 seasons, get your face repaired in such a way that your mouth doesn’t swing open and reveal the lameness of your brain.

If the old adage, “Show me a beautiful woman and I’ll show you a guy that’s tired of fucking her” transcends into sports, than certianly we’re all so used to LeBron by now  that almost nothing he does surprises or impresses us anymore while in the meantime, some twit could do something that wouldn’t elicit so much as a raised eyebrow if LeBron did it and we’re scrambling around like Drake fans trying to convince Kendrick fans that our guy had “done it again!”

Consider: this year LeBron dropped 25.3 ppg, grabbed 7.4 boards, dished out 6.8 assists allwhile shooting 52% from the floor.

He did all that to finish 3rd in 2015-16 NBA MVP voting behind Kawhi Leonard who’s only statistical advantage over LeBron was in total team wins and Steph Curry, who at least did set a record for 3-pointers made in a season and in dropping 30.1 ppg, outscored LeBron and also, of course, played for a team with more total team wins, but LeBron shot better, rebounded more, and even though he plays small forward while Steph plays point guard, LeBron had the assist advantage.

We’re simply bored by LeBron’s greatness now.

We’d rather watch paint dry or baseball.

And now, from the mind that brought you both “Why Carolina Will DESTROY the Broncos in the SuperBowlandWhy the Knicks Will Win the Championship this Year“, another Dickie Bhee prediction:

The only way the Cleveland Cabaliers might not win The Chip this year is if they face OKC in The Finals. With Durant busy enough to at least keep LeBron’s attention, Westbrook might be able to break through and do something.

However, if this year’s Finals are a rematch of last year’s, bet your last money on Cleveland.

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