When it’s 25 Boys and 1 Girl…


Ladies, if you were gonna stick to the hardline feminist script, you’d stand up and cheer.

You say shit like, “Right on!”, “You go, girl!”, and “Get all that dick!” because ultimately, that would be the male sentiment upon hearing that some 15 year-old boy waited patiently while 25 different girls streamed in and out of a high school bathroom just to have sex with him.

But no, it was a 15 year-old girl that fucked 25 different boys at the Florida high school, a scenario that ultimately ended up on Snapchat, so let’s all turn moralists, make sure we’re positioned physically above what we’re reading so that we can look down upon it, and be happy that for once, a greater or at least more recent dysfunction and pathology than our own shit has surfaced.

And I’m no better.

I wouldn’t want my daughter to fuck 25 guys in a bathroom because I know how girls are.

Thats right, I said it.

See, I’m not as stupid as most dudes, believing that “slut-shaming” is some shit that men do to women to make them feel like less because of their sexual histories.

No, slut-shaming is some shit that women do to women and I’m gonna guess it’s jealousy that’s the motivator; must suck to be crushing hard on some dude only to have the town tramp be able to easily and effortlessly describe what that dick do.

As a man, I know from having fucked women and from talking to dudes that fucked women that if a man has a sexual history with a chick, the odds aren’t that he’s gonna badmouth her.

How does that make him look?

No, the rare times you’ll see that happen is with painfully immature men and in cases where dudes have been heartbroken.

If it was a case where just sex was exchanged and everybody got what they wanted, a dude will actually put respek on the name of an ex-sex partner, calling her “good people” and may even go as far as to defend her from slander.

Meanwhile, its the girls that’ll drag and shame that same girl, pretending that offering pussy is the easiest way to gain a man’s attention all while secretly knowing and remembering the times when they’ve done that themselves and it failed.

And of course it’s fucked up, of course it’s dysfunctional when one person has sex with 25 people at a time, but let’s keep it 💯, it’s fucked up when one person feels the need to have sex with more than one person over the course of an entire lifetime.

That’s not how this post-natural selection shit was supposed to work.

The way we’ve perverted and distorted sex into accomplishment must be dealt with before we turn our attention towards the players of this fucked up game.

And no, I wouldn’t want that boy in the bathroom waiting on the 25 girls to be my son. I’d think he was gay.

As I’ve written before, straight men are programmed to see mate-finding as problem-solving and would just as soon settle for any female that fucks then move on to some shit like trying to get a car than to keep looking repeatedly for what should have been found in that very first girl.


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