Russell Westbrook Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest


Every time I watch Russell Westbrook play, I’m always surprised that he’s not actively foaming at the mouth.

That boy’s crazy; and if you remember Dickie Bhee’s definition of a psychopath, you’ll know that they are, above all else, single-minded to the point of the exclusion of anything external to their purpose be it logic, reason, morals or life itself.

And now that Russell Westbrook has apparently turned his attention toward winning a championship this year, will there be any stopping him?

Remember how he shoved Charlie Villanueva and Justin Anderson when those two idiots tried to break up his pregame dance?

He didn’t even look at who the second guy was.

Coulda been anybody.

And, of course, there’s the time he told a fan to “shut the fuck up.”

Plus, name another point guard in NBA history that turned slivers in opposing team’s defenses into maniacal dunk opportunities?

My stepbrother had warned me far in advance of the actual injury that Westbrook simply “Couldn’t keep playing like that. He’s gonna tear his knee up.”

That came to pass.

What nobody could have anticipated was that Westbrook would be back; crazier than ever.

Moreover, for the Blacks that would argue that there’s been absolutely no advancement in race relations since the days of slavery, Russell Westbrook is the perfect counter-argument.

It is unimaginable that a Branch Rickey-equivalent, even after bearing witness to Westbrook’s prodigious talents, would have used him to integrate any sport for fear that once good, God-fearing white paying customers beheld that crazy Nigger’s behavior, they’d have castigated Rickey for not simply leaving him among the Negroes in whose leagues he would have certainly been the darling and star.

And forgive the whole Oklahoma City Thunder team for that turd they laid in the 2012 NBA Finals.

They looked like they had come to a black tie event dressed in pajamas.

They were babies then.

Now, led by Westbrook – which I realize is some nutty shit to say about a team that features Kevin Durant; that it’s led by somebody else – group psychosis seems to have taken over.

And that’s what makes Westbrook the most dangerous player in the Western Conference Finals, shit, the most dangerous player on the planet right now.

Any other nut would have been wrapped up in his match-up with current two-time league MVP Steph Curry in this series during which Westbrook’s Thunder have a 2-1 lead over the defending champ Golden State Warriors but Westbrook’s looking past that.

Remember I wrote how the only team that could beat Cleveland this year would be OKC specifically because Durant and LeBron would cancel each other out leaving Westbrook to roam like a killer with a tank full of gas and no particular destination?

Kyrie ain’t about that match-up.

And don’t get me wrong, Westbrook ain’t completely crazy.

I mean, it’s not to the point where he’d bite an unsuspecting stranger (I don’t think).

Plus, the former Bruin’s wife is this bad, brown-skinned joint that formerly played for the UCLA woman’s team and since I like brown-to-dark-skinned women myself, what would that say about me if I couldn’t find this point of agreement to be evidence of some greater genius on Westbook’s part?

In fact, I think I’m even starting to “get” Westbrook as he edges closer and closer to winning The Chip.

Remember, a championship normalizes everybody’s idiosyncrasies.

You think Dennis Rodman would be on the outside of a looney bin without the 5 he got?

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