Johnny Depp, Chris Brown & When is it the RIGHT Time to Beat Your Woman’s Ass?


The only thing worse than the fact that certain men treat an inability to control their emotions as an excuse for beating their bitch’s ass is the notion that under absolutely no circumstances, should a man ever hit a woman.

That lunatic bullsiht idea would have you speaking softly to a woman dangling your child over a ledge, with a knife to your mama’s throat or with her finger on the nuclear button.

More realistically, it would have you being pounded savagely about the head and face, as defenseless as a Civil Rights-era Negro while some woman, justified or not, attacks you until she feels like stopping.

But just like the other fucking insane notion that every woman, saint or sinner, is entitled to the exact same respect, the feminist camp has got it’s dumb acolytes caping for even bitches that doesn’t deserve to be considered the same species as a Michelle Obama or Mother Teresa, let alone the same gender.

And trust me, I know the feeling of supporting people that the feminist movement has already sent to their own version of gas chamber; I rock with Bill Cosby and Woody Allen, but I don’t support men just because they’re men, and I would never defend, justify or try to find an excuse for a man acting in any way unmanly towards a woman.

Like the Black actor in that movie – the names of both unfortunately escaping me right now – said, “I got a mama.”

And it’s as such that I think Chris Brown was dead wrong. Not so much for hitting Rihanna because it’s seemingly obvious to even the dullest idiot that he and she were engaged in a fight, but he was wrong for not calibrating how much force would be needed in his defense and how much subsequently would actually become assault and – most importantly – because I doubt Rihanna wanted him to hit her that hard, if at all.

I also believe that Johnny Depp was wrong. I believe that he was, like it or not, more wrong than Chris Brown.

According to reports, Depp straight up attacked his wife which is a direct violation of the unspoken chivalrous code of conduct that almost all couples enter into upon consumation of a relationship.

It’s simply supposed to be understood that since a man is physically stronger, he shouldn’t use that strength should his logical arguments fail him just like it’s understood that since a woman has an opening she shouldn’t offer it to anyone that wishes to fill it.

These are the core essentials to relationships and the fact that so many people seem completely unfamiliar with them is just proof of how alien a concept romantic love has become.

Everybody’s taking their dictates from standards imposed by lunkheaded cliques and tribes, and getting into situations full of “deal-breakers” and shit they won’t tolerate, never realizing that the people that instituted those ridiculous codes are pessimistic massochists that never expect to be personally happy and the only thing that brings them slivers of joy is the notion that they can ruin the potential for happiness in anybody else.

So ultimately, if you and your boyfriend fight and it works for y’all, fuck somebody that tells you what “healthy” is like there’s some kinda universal relationship diet that satisfactorily feeds us all.

As with all things, excess is the real danger, and excessive peace is just as likely to starve a relationship to death as excessive violence is to beat it that way.

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