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There’s no greater evidence in the world of sexism than the fact that there’s no depth of depravity that a man can sink to which would have him considered as something worse than an unfit mother.

And what’s amazing (get ready to put your dukes up) is that because of single-parenthood, far too many Black women get celebrated as great mothers for shit that in fact makes them horrible mothers.

How many single mothers are single by choice?

Certain Black women have conspired with the liberal media to paint Black men as a bunch of child-making-then-abandoning deadbeats that you’d almost have to wonder why, since this is so popularly known to be the case, Black women bother making babies with Black men in the first place.

No, let’s argue that at least a full 50% of the failed relationships that leave Black children in single-parent homes are the fault of the moms.

Now you’re alone, the law is constructed so that it’s almost impossible for the father to get sole custody and how do you feel about the kid?

If it’s anything other than resentment, you’re the kind of saint that probably isn’t the reason you and your man broke up, but you’re also probably the type to have waited till marriage to start having kids.

Also now you’ve gotta play mother and father when, in all likelihood, you didn’t have all the rules down on playing either role.

Then, of course, you’re probably also young and can’t imagine that your romantic/sexual life should end just because you now have a child so you’re still looking.

Enter Big Boi.

And before we deal with his qualifications as a social commentator, let’s assure you of his standings as an artist: with Andre 3000, as a full one-half of the seminal group Outkast, Big Boi, or the more ‘Hip Hop’ of the duo, has had a hand in two empirically classic albums, Aquemini and Speakerboxxx/The Love Below.

Big Boi had two controversial Tweets over the weekend.

The first was that maple syrup cures cancer which is, in all honesty, just as likely true as anything else.

This was the second:

Predictably, almost nobody took issue with whether what he posted had any or many elements of truth, everybody just came after him.

But was he wrong?

Do we, in fact, “owe” our parents or was Curtis Mayfield right when he sang in the song Little Child Runnin’ Wild on behalf of the child, “I didn’t have to be here.”

A good parent knows that from its birth, your highest responsibility is to the health, safety, satisfaction and happiness of that soul you’ve brought into the universe.

Any “personal” desires come way second.

Still, it’s only natural to feel that the burden that a child can become to a single-parent is the child’s own fault and the tendency then becomes to try to elicit gratitude from the child for shit a rational parent knows to be nothing more than duty.

We can laugh with Chris Rock for making fun of niggas that proudly say “I take care of my kids“, but grant a pass to moms that complain to those same kids about all the “sacrifices” they made?


That also might be – and I’m bout to run way off into speculation with this one, but – why so many Black dudes seem to find love so easily in the arms of altogether inferior white girls.

It’s a way of rejecting the feeling of indebtedness that their moms so unfortunately inspired.

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