Why Having a Black Miss USA Scares Me


Call me paranoid and I won’t even say anything.

I’ll just nod in agreement.

Didn’t you notice I have a whole category dedicated just to conspiracy theories?

And it’s in that vein that I see the fact that the media and pop culture seem to be readily giving the Niggers so much as of late as so troubling.

I mean, Deshauna Barber as Miss USA?

Come on!

They didn’t even leave any room for us to utter a peep of discord about that shit either.

I mean, she’s cum-in-me fine, she’s dark-skinned, she’s got African features, she’s from DC and her name is “Deshauna”.

Its like the devil himself said, “Make sure we’ve got all the bases covered.”

Because, of course, when Long Island’s own Vanessa Willaims became the first Black American beauty pageant winner of any sort – winning Miss America – they quickly came up with a scandal to snatch the crown right off her head.

Turns out she’d taken some nudie pics as an amateur model; a little light S&M with bondage and girl-on-girl action involved, minor league shit in comparison to today’s era of cow fucking and drinking milk as it shoots outta another bitch’s ass.

Penthouse couldn’t wait to run those pics and you can bet yours truly, alongside my crew from that era, was right there ready to pull on my meat at the Haitian store where they let our under-aged asses do shit like buy 40s and look at nudie mags.

Vanessa looked good. Her ass was a little flat but she was still a beautiful woman.

The fact that her vacated crown went to former first runner-up Suzette Charles who was also Black was beside the point.

The subtly implied point, in case you missed it, was that we Niggers couldn’t (and shouldn’t) ever be given anything because behind every closed door, there’s pictures of us in leather and chains or some other criminal equivalent.

But even that isn’t my concern with the beautiful Ms. Deshauna.

Like I said, she’s too much.

Even though Vanessa’s Black, there were grumbles in some corners because she’s light-skinned.

No, my concern because of Ms. Deshauna – not with her – is that just like slaves during CHristmastime, we’re being softened up for the hardships ahead.

Just like all the great work dudes like Dr. King did to improve this country is seen as stuff done for Black people, it’s hard for America to see a situation where a Black person benefits without expecting both indebtedness and/or gratitude.

And it’s so perfect that it’s an election year because in no other scenario are so many mixed signals being disseminated amongst us.

Not only does Trump have far more supporters among allegedly non-racist, non-xenophobic whites than the media will honestly report, but the liberals have us barking and snarling at all the anti-Mexican, anti-Muslim shit he says when we should, in truth, just be watching.

We’ve got our own problems.

Shit, niggas would do better petitioning Trump with a list of demands for our vote than we’d be to ask Hillary Clinton for a drink of water for the vote as entitled as she amazingly considers herself – and is??? – to it.

In any event, enjoy the NBA Finals.

Something tells me this month will be the last time we see niggas winning anything for a minute.

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