Some Chicks Won’t Learn about Ayesha Curry Till They Wake Up With a Horse’s Head in their Bed


Fuck around with that lunatic bitch if you want to (no disrespect, Steph).

Folks must look at that light skin and them off-color eyes and get her twisted.

Not me.

I know a crazy women on sight and immediately.

And now that she’s got not one, but two babies for daddy to come home to at night, see if you can fuck Steph Curry without a part of yours going missing.


I dare you.

I mean, we all watched her creep all up on Rosalyn Gold-Onwude who she thought was being a little too friendly and this was just when Steph was being interviewed!

Imagine what the kinda over-the-top BS that model Roni Rose pulled at Game 2 of the NBA Finals does to a psyche like Ms. Curry’s.

She’ll meet you quietly in the parking lot one time and alone when you weren’t expecting anything but your car.

She’ll tell you that you’re an attractive female and she’s sure there are lots of men that are interested in you.

In fact, she might even be able to suggest one of Steph’s teammates (who’s Draymond dating? Anyone?) but then she’ll go on to causally but firmly remind you that the one that wears #30 for Golden State?

The two-time league MVP?

Oh no, he’s taken.

And oh yes, he’s mine.

That’s how those chicks do.

They play it cool the first time just to see if they can “reason” with you.

Shit, that’s how The Godfather did it.

Went to see Johnny Fontaine’s manager with $10,000 and when that didn’t work, went back with Luca Brasi and a gun.

That did work.

And that’s why honey better be careful how she responds to that first – and inevitable – confrontation.

Don’t play homegirl for soft just because she comes in speaking in a soft tone, Roni.

Don’t think you’re more “street”.

It don’t matter if you are.

Cause the next time you see her, you won’t see her.

You won’t know what hit you causing you to fall flat on your face and then drag yourself (how did you drag yourself?) all the way across the parking lot to the point where you ended up under your car.

Where are your shoes?

Where’s your bag?

Don’t think of asking security for the surveillance video because I’ll bet you dollars-to-donuts that it’s “disappeared”.

And if you’re so dumb that you actually think about fucking around and naming names?

You think what Bill and Hillary did to Vince Foster was bad?

It’s then that you’ll realize the whole Curry family is like a Black Corleone family and even little harmless and pretty Sydel will turn into “Connie at the Opera” on that ass.

And I’m not saying that Steph Curry doesn’t cheat, I mean, I don’t know the dude and anything’s possible, but to be so forward as to actually come on to the dude with a whole stadium and by proxy, worldwide audience at home watching?

Roni, you may or may not have an aquarium at your crib, but if you keep treating Ayesha Curry so disrespectfully, don’t be surprised if you end up sleeping with the fishes.

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