Why this Boy CAN’T be a Rapist


First of all, rapist are Black.

Everybody knows that.

In fact “rape”, as we currently understand it, is something that happens whenever (and every time) a Black man has sex with a white woman.

And those are pretty much the only instances of rape.

Black women can’t be raped because they’d fuck anybody and willingly.

White men can’t rape because who wouldn’t, if given the opportunity, fuck a white man?

So now that that’s settled, let’s move on to some of the particulars:

Brock Turner, swimmer from Stanford University, happened across a young lady that was fully unconscious and decided to drag her behind a dumpster and do her the service of sharing his body with her.

In a perfect world, she’d be honored.

But since, because of all this “women’s liberation” and “feminism” crap, women think that having their vaginas shared by fine, wholesome, upstanding young men like good, fair Brock if it’s not by their “choice” is worse than willingly being degraded and savaged by some renegade Nigger, we have an overblown charge of “rape” made by people that neither understand the word nor the necessity for using it only when it actually applies.

Thank God the great judge Aaron Persky had the decency and common sense not to push for a maximum sentence of 14 years and decided instead that since due to our overly politically correct climate, he had to give the good boy some kind of time, sentenced him to six months of which he’s expected to serve three – which is still too long.

Judge Persky’s considerate concern was that “a prison would have a severe impact on (young Brock)” and he’s damn right about that!

Prisons are full of Niggers!

Niggers that sell drugs!

Niggers that take drugs!

Niggers that are simply Niggers and that is enough of a crime in any decent society!

The judge went on to add about young Brock, “I think he will not be a danger to others.”

And this is one of the counter-points I’ve heard argued in Nigger-defense about their high population in the prison system; the bulk of their convicts are non-violent drug offenders.

Drugs, you’d hear them contend, is a “victimless” crime since there’s clearly a market.

The point those idiots are missing is, “victims” or not, it’s still a crime.

Then they like to argue that “crime” is contextual and a violation of law is not necessarily a violation of morality.

I’ve even heard one of these jackasses ask rhetorically if back when slavery was the law would a runaway slave have been morally wrong?

Of course he would have!

He would have been breaking the law!

Now, on to the “victim” of this particular “rape”.

It’s not like she had passed out due to trauma or sleep apnea or any socio-psychological stress or imbalance.

She was drunk off her ass.

That considered, she should feel lucky that a good upstanding boy like Brock was the one that did indeed come along to pleasure her.

Imagine it had been some disgusting and festering, filth-laden Nigger!

Not only would she have been ruined by the scourge of disease, but in all likelihood, her body would have faced the highest caliber of personal violation.

She may have been stretched and elongated beyond the restrictions of reasonable use!

What then?

She’d have been of no value to any kind of upstanding white man.

Like John Wayne’s first instincts in The Searchers, it would have better to kill her than anything else had that have been the case.

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