Ayesha Curry & Whose Job is it to Police the Hoes?


Even if you didn’t want Ayesha Curry as a wife, you’d definitely want her as a defensive back, preferably, starting free safety.

You’ll never know where she’ll turn up, but she’ll always be ready to hit, tackle and make stops; all of them hard and aggressive, making sure you know whose team you’re playing against and the fact that they are a team.

But is that right?

I mean, just because his shooting and maybe the fact that he has green eyes and is a vaguely handsome dude has made husband Steph Curry a celebrity and, in some corners, a burgeoning heart throb, should Ayesha really feel the need to be Devin McCourty or Ed Reed or Troy Polamalu or Antoine Bethea (had to stick the HU plug in there)?

I mean we saw her checking the signals going back and forth between her man and Rosalyn Gold-Onwude and by now we know she’s got a handle on that Roni Rose bullshit, but how much of this is supposed to be her responsibility?

I mean, when, exactly, does Steph come into play?

As anybody that’s ever been dead, flat, stinking single will tell you, you’re never as attractive as when you’re in a relationship.

Put love in a nigga’s eye and a Dennis Rodman-type dude becomes a Bryson Tiller.

Make him married and he becomes Idris Elba.

And we know from a Psychology 101 perspective that a bulk of the reason for this is the challenge.

Anybody can fuck a single dude.

Single dudes are simply laying around waiting to get fucked.

They’re everywhere.

Ladies, you’ve got some single dudes that you’re ducking and dodging right now, wishing they’d get a hobby because they won’t leave you alone.

I mean, they’re relentless.

Let you hear, however that this “relentless” dude – “friends”, y’all like to call them – all of a sudden got a girlfriend.

Then let you see the bitch.

Then let her be bad.

Gets you to start wondering why you passed on him, doesn’t it?

And of course, she’s heard all about you because that’s the first thing she wants to know, whose loitering around in the browser history she’ll hafta erase.

And you best get gone too, although now that friendship seems kinda valuable don’t it?

But that’s way off topic and in the beginning of this thing, I had deliberately used the wrong analogy.

Ayesha Curry isn’t or shouldn’t be like an (American) football safety, she should be like a European football or soccer midfielder.

And yes, Steph is, himself, involved, he’s ultimately his own goalie.

He is, and I don’t even mean this metaphorically, the last line of defense against the hoes.

And, of course, it works both ways.

When dudes come after Ayesha, ultimately she’s gotta shut it down.

That doesn’t mean that she’s wrong for shutting down the hoes that come after her man, though.

There’s a level of respect that’s being violated if you know – as seemingly the entire world knows – that not only is Steph Curry married but exactly who he’s married to.

Say what you want about marriages but they are supposed provide you with the very last sexual partner you’ll ever have or need.

That’s why, although they’re thought of as symbols of stability, a marriage is often the most precarious institution that two people can enter into.

And the worst part is the world is so full of haters that the majority of people that would be fucking up your relationship would only be doing it to fuck up your relationship.

Actually “fucking” you would just be incidental.

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