Elle Varner Better Leave them Hoes Alone!


Listen you dumb, brick-headed Black hoes; I’ma try to put this in a way that even you will understand:

I go about 6’1″ and maybe these days about a buck-80.

If I were gonna try to play basketball in the NBA – bear me out – it would make way more sense for me to pattern my game after Steph Curry, who’s 6’3″ and about my weight, than LeBron James who’s 6’9″, 260.

Its way more likely that I could learn to dribble and shoot like Steph than I could physically dominate NBA forwards.

Similarly, you bitches need to remember that y’all are Black.

That bullshit that worked for Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian just ain’t gonna work for y’all.

This ain’t to say you can’t be happy, prosperous and productive, you just can’t do it like them two hoes have done.

Its in the name.

They are white women.

And “white” is the color that bestows virtue upon all things.

I don’t give a damn if you just watched a bitch take it in the can from two men while sucking three off, if she’s white, her purity returns the minute she stops sucking and fucking.

Meanwhile, you’re already Black so for you, things can only get worse.

You need no greater example of this than the fact that Chris Brown once explained why he couldn’t fully commit to Rihanna because “Every nigga in the industry done fucked my bitch“, not only a falsehood that’s outright impossible, but a claim that even if true, wouldn’t diminish a bitch with Rihanna’s kind of talent not one iota.

Contrast that with, say, a Kim Kardashian who we know dated Reggie Bush, we know married Kris Humphries, we know was married to some other “producer” and shit, we even watched her fuck and use two hands to suck off Ray J and she was able to subsequently marry not just some rapper, but arguably the best combination rapper/producer of all time.

And yes, I know this all sounds unfair, but since white bitches get skin cancer, I guess that’s the trade-off.

That and the fact that there really are men of all races (including Black men) that genuinely love and prefer y’all to anybody else.

But for Black women to identify with a pro-slut movement started by the likes of an Amber Rose is almost as ridiculous as not realizing that the white version of feminism began with the envy white women felt for Black women because of the equality the need for two working adults fostered in the Black home.

Of course, Black women being as dumb as y’all are, you didn’t recognize your own reflections in those nonsensical tropes dished out to you by white feminists, took white women’s issues with white men to be all women’s issues with all men and since, y’all have been behaving like a copy of a copy… of yourselves.

So when Elle Varner comes along; great voice, pretty mouth, worth the more-than-three months they’d give me if I pulled a Brock Turner on her – yes, we do rape jokes on Dickiebheeonthestreetz if they make an anti-rape point – and she more or less argues (like Ayesha Curry) for modesty, this time in the school clothes that school girls wear, she gets shut down by the Amber Rose brigade.

Incredible; but not really.

I’ve been watching Black chicks behave stupidly for so long that I expect it.

Madame Noire jumping on the Rose bandwagon was a little surprising, tho.

I thought they had more taste than that.

I know somebody that wrote for them once.

And that nigga’s nice.



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