Trump Just Found His Running Mate!


Oh My Fucking God!

There’s not enough laughter and tears in the world to paint my response to even the first paragraph of the shit I read that this bitch allegedly said in the New York Daily News.

And make no mistake, she’s fair-haired, and if you’re into white girls, or just like pussy, she’s kinda hot (don’t take my pass, Black Panthers: y’all niggas are gonna need me down the stretch), but her politics are so completely in line with the permeating sense of white desperation that’s given rise to the Trump campaign that if Trump doesn’t make use of her (and a good one [get your fucking minds out the gutter!]) he’s wasting a golden-blonde opportunity.

Here are some of the gems delivered by Fox Sports sideline reporter Emily Austen:

  • “didn’t even know that Mexicans were that smart,” – while discussing an undocumented high school valedictorian
  • “Chinese guy is always the smartest guy in math class,” – which amazingly doesn’t address the possibility of there being more than one “Chinese guy” per math class
  • “used to talk to Jews in Boca,” they “would complain and b—- about everything.” – which makes you either imagine that Jews suck or Boca sucks but, like multiplying negative numbers together, the likelihood isn’t that they both suck.
  • “little bitch” – said about Kevin Love for leaving Game 2 of the Finals.

And yes, of course, she’s gotta get fired from Sports Sports.

She’s fucking wasting her time there.

She’s ready for the world stage.

If no one remembers how every psychotic, dingbat reference uttered by one entirely over-her-head Sarah Palin was reconfigured as a “pearl of wisdom” by the Republican party during the 2008 Presidential election, then you should get ready to see history repeat itself.

The timing is perfect for a woman like this.

Only pick-up artists are shrewd enough to know that the key to making an impression on the average hot chick isn’t being nice to them, it’s being mean, so expect the horny world of men and women to fall all over this chick as she herself gets recast as the victim of a vile and vicious overly PC world that’s allowed former victims to become bullies and doesn’t tolerate racism even when it’s clearly in jest – or so she’ll argue.

We just watched Brock Turner get 3 months for rape.

If we’ve learned nothing about who this country has come to view as it’s real victims – hint: it’s white men, everybody else is protected by Liberals and “programs” – then we obviously ain’t paying attention.

So it’s in this age of casual racism; a period where we’re only supposed to frown once the spotlight of hostility turns momentarily towards what excludes each of us from being part of the complete mainstream, we’re still allowed – even supposed to – laugh and pile on whenever someone with another racial/sexual/gender-based/natural shortcoming falls into the hole.

In other words, as long as you’re not Mexican or Chinese or a Jew or a Cav’s fan, you can laugh with Ms. Austin.

And if you are one of the aforementioned, what’s the chance you’re more than one?

G’head and laugh too!

We’re witnessing an ahead-of-schedule unveiling of Trump’s America!

And in it, there’s only sympathy for the devil.


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