The Orlando Shooting: A Right-Wing Conservative Plot


If it’s true that Omar Mateen really was in ISIS, he should have his membership revoked postmortem.

Who exactly is he scaring by killing gay Latinos?

Isn’t the purpose of terrorism to have an entire nation quivering with the fear of its randomness?

Shouldn’t our greatest concern be; where will this happen next?

Well, if it’ll happen at another night spot for gay Latinos, far too much of America can fucking relax.

Only 17% of America is Latino.

Only 1.6% of America is gay.

By the numbers, that gives us 880K Latino-America gays, or a city the size of Jacksonville, Florida.

Sorry to admit this, but I’m not that scared.

Adam Lanza was a way better terrorist than this dude.

He killed kids. Babies, even.

5 year-olds.

Now that’s sick.

This guy Mateen, if we’re even to believe that’s his real name, if we’re to believe he’s a real Muslim and really joined ISIS or any of the other shit they’re peddling us just so we can rest a bit easier thinking that the unknown is now accounted for, didn’t even have the good sense – the common sense – to realize that in killing gay Latinos, he was simultaneously getting rid of two groups that very few people outside of themselves have any consideration for.

That’s right, it can be argued that he was doing America a favor.

Just like blowing up a center for un-wed mothers in Harlem.

Who needs those people?

And the fact that Mr. Mateen himself is dead now stinks too much like Oswald’s corpse.

Was too much revealed in the original Manchurian Candidate – the one with Sinatra, haven’t seen the Denzel remake?

Are all of these acts of “terrorism” being orchestrated by dupes that have been “brainwashed” into doing the bidding of a group far more dangerous than any hoax Middle Eastern band of Islamic Muslims; that’s right, good old American right-wing conservatives?

Don’t get it twisted, a conservative is the most psychologically imbalanced thing an individual can be.

Ted “Unabomber” Kaczynski was a famed conservative.

How can someone alive, when the very nature of living involves continual growth, change, use and evolution, then turn around and argue as an ideological perspective conservatism?

You’re literally at odds with technology.

One would think you’d be Amish.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, things shouldn’t be wasted.

And the genius is the man or the man or woman that’s actively involved in resource replenishment.

But outside of saving for future use, what sense does saving for saving’s sake make?

Moreover, what sense does deliberately being in opposition to advancement make?

Conservatives also have, bar none, the greatest history of domestic terrorism ever in the United States.

The Klan is a “conservative” organization.

Timmy McVeigh was a conservative.

In fact, the greatest act of terrorism to occur on American soil, an act that cost 620K American lives when in 1861, a legion of rogue states grouped themselves together to preserve slavery and declared war against their own nation was an act perpetuated by conservatives.

But back to Orlando.

Why, you may ask – but not me cause I can’t answer – whenever Latinos, gays or Muslims are mentioned as of late, one instinctively thinks of Donald Trump?

You get the feeling that the mass murder of a bunch of Latino gays by a Muslim just has to be linked to the upcoming election.

The only thing that worries me is that if this little “incident” doesn’t give Mr. Trump the bump in the polls he’s anticipating, we can expect the next target of a “Radical Islamic Extremist” to be a lot more mainstream.

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