Taylor Swift, Guns & More Kardashian Nudes


First of all, I fuck with Taylor Swift and can’t even pretend her music doesn’t hit the mark.

This isn’t the 80’s when a bitch like Madonna was putting out banger after banger and niggas had to be like, “Into the Groove? Nah Son, that shit is wack!”

Perhaps the only benefit of this post-racial society – which is, coincidentally, more racist than ever – is for the first time in history, Black people are free to like white shit.

Being that the opposite was always the case, gave white people, I think, an unfair advantage.

They could rock with Motown and Led Zeppelin meanwhile, our parents had to grit their teeth through even the hardest of white shit.


Nah, if there’s a problem, it isn’t with Ms. Swift herself – who, through some fancy wrangling has found herself in another high-profile relationship; this time, with the dude that played Scott Fitzgerald in Midnight in Paris, Tom Hiddleston (what’s all this Loki shit that people are talking about?) – it’s with the notion that I’m supposed to swallow that all of these relationships Ms. Swift keeps finding herself in are “innocent”.

Yeah, I know what I wrote before, but I was kidding, couldn’t you tell? White bitches get fucked too, everybody has to know that.

One of the joys of “dating” Ms. Swift, since her body leaves a body to be desired, would be sticking my dick so far down her throat that I could imagine that I was hitting with it’s head the spot from which those sweet notes she sings originated.

Of course, Rihanna has no such problem.

We’re to think that every nigga that’s ever attended one of her concerts has also gotten the pussy.

I’m at the point of thinking they should just give out automatic weapons to niggas on street corners.

I’ve never owned or even fired one personally because my thinking has always been, the minute I get my hands on a gun, it’s time to go on the offensive.

That’s right; somebody’s gotta die.

I don’t need one for “self-defense”.

Shit, I’m no George Zimmerman; I don’t just randomly go around fucking with people and, if necessary, I can defend myself with my hands.

But again, like I’ve written before, if you just can’t wrap your mind around the national obsession with guns, remind yourself how America came into existence.

Now, knowing that, it’s easy to believe that any random starving stranger might just move into your place, thank you for the hospitality, then proceed to wipe out your family members one-by-one as they import other strangers from another continent to work the land surrounding your property and draw up a “constitution” which justifies everything they do and have done as some sort of divinely ordained Manifest Destiny meanwhile rendering the thought of you to the ages as some sort of “savage” the world at large should be grateful that they’re rid of.

Lastly, here’s the link for those new Kim Kardashian nudes in GQ.

Like I joked to my on-line friends, I’ve either gotten old or turned gay cause them shits did nothing for me.

Please stop, Kim.

At a certain point, you’ll become a paraphrase of the old Tina Fey definition of ‘crazy’; the “woman that keeps (taking nude selfies) even after no one wants to fuck her anymore”.

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