Killed on Facebook? How Do You “Like” That?


I need somebody I trust – maybe Dick Gregory – to explain to me why Chicago’s so fucking violent.

I mean the niggas out there seem crazy, but not completely crazy.

If they seemed completely crazy, I’d be ready to buy and endorse the “manganese” explanation I saw Brother Gregory forward in one video about how that particular element makes people exceptionally violent and how residents in one township in I think it was Australia that have a high exposure to manganese have the highest homicide rate in the world.

And I’d be like, ok, if everybody in Chicago was getting killed; thug, hood, citizen, cop, administrator, and government official alike.

But since, as is the case with most of what is ridiculously termed “Black-on-Black crime“, while cats in Chicago do seem to be running positively wild with guns, the supernatural fear or whatever it is of whiteness, authority, or the authority that whiteness implies, triggers the same response that you see around the country; armed gangsters on the street that ain’t afraid of shit until a siren sounds then they run like cowards.

And again, I’m not advocating Spooks sitting by the door, but still I’m curious as to how they can turn it on and off like that.

Why do only cop guns scare these dudes?

Is it, like I wrote before, the belief that if they kill some nigga, the worst that’ll happen to them is death or jail, but if they kill some white or cop, they’ll be subjected to eternal hellfire?

Doubt I could get an answer from even Mr. Gregory on that one.

28 year-old Antonio Perkins of Chicago was shot and killed while live streaming on Facebook and again, I’ve gotta wonder, where is the fear?

I mean, live streaming means that the camera’s actively on you so the odds are, if someone is to come up and kill you, they’ll be caught on camera.

Is that gonna be the new shit?

The way to prove you’re gangster’s gonna be to kill somebody on camera?

If that becomes the case, why even flee?

I’m at such a loss on this shit I have a hard time slapping one of my “conspiracy theory” tags on it and y’all know I love to entitle everything with that shit!

But what could be given to the people of or put in the air out there in Chicago that makes niggas absolutely psychotic when it comes to killing each other but still pussy when encountering law enforcement?

That would be some next level shit, the existence of which I’d like to doubt because, if true, the rest of us throughout the country are doomed because Chicago, like Tuskegee, Alabama once was, is certainly just a testing ground.

And while I think now would be the time when even the most race-affirming and supportive individuals threw their hands up in the air and at least pondered the possibility that, hey, maybe there is something to notion that Black people are simply inherently backward, the fact that I wear the skin myself keeps me from ever personally allowing for that indictment.

I mean, I’ve been to Chicago once too and I didn’t kill anybody.

And while I’d love to be convinced that this is because I’m so intellectually exceptional, trust me, I was the absolute dumbest kid at my HBCU.

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Dickie Bhee is a self-styled lunatic, a Renaissance showman, a Class A, Grade A buffoon, a nigga that believes in the greatness of Niggerhood a social gadfly and a genuine Man About Town.

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