5 Reasons LeBron is Better than Jordan (and no, you ain’t think of NONE of ’em)

Folks, there is an argument – 5 actually – for LeBron being better than Jordan and a couple of key points that I’ll make that, despite the fact that I’m not gonna totally commit to the argument(s) myself, they do exists for the LeBron Stans should you need to shut a Jordan rider down.

Here goes:

  1. Mike never won without Scottie – that’s BIG. Because of this, you could just as easily argue that Pippen was the real glue of that Bulls team and Mike was the sidekick. I mean, Scottie did take the Bulls to the Eastern Conference Finals without Mike. Mike never got out of the first round before the Bulls got Scottie. Now you might try a “LeBron never won without James Jones” but you really shouldn’t. It would make you look crazy.
  2. With 7 Finals appearances in 13 years, LeBron has spend more than half his career in the Finals. Mike’s big thing: being undefeated in his 6 Finals appearances doesn’t mask the fact that he only spent 40% of his career in the Finals.
  3. LeBron won for every team he played for. Jordan fans can act like you never saw this wiz but you did.
  4. Other than points-per-game scoring; which Mike leads 30.1 to 27.2, and free throw shooting percentage, it’s a wash for LeBron across the statistical board. Field goal percentage, 3 point-shooting, assists, rebounds, blocks are a push and LeBron has more turnovers, but c’mon Mike, you’re a guard. LeBron shouldn’t be outpassing you out there.
  5. Mike only ever beat one champ for The Chip. That was how he got his first one. His Bulls beat Magic Johnson’s Lakers. For every other chip; the next year against the Portland Trailblazers, the year after against the Phoenix Suns, the 96 ring against the Seattle Supersonics and the two back-to-back the years right after against the Jazz, Mike’s Bulls beat teams that never won a championship and wouldn’t go on to eventually win one either. LeBron, on the other hand, has beaten two champs. This season, of course, they beat last year’s champion Golden State Warriors, and back in 2013, they beat the multiple Chip winning San Antonio Spurs.

And those are the arguments; the best of them anyway. Another one that any halfwit can posit is the fact that LeBron is still playing.

And while, of course, there is the possibility that becaue he’s still playing, his game, swag, approach and skill-level could simply evaporate overnight (shit, look at Kobe), the likelihood is that he’ll continue to play at the level he’s currently on for a another 2-3 years at the very least.

And think about it: now that he’s turned them into a champion, the Cavs can’t be such a lousy possible destination anymore, can they?

Imagine you’re a free agent without a chip and you’re deciding between the ritz and glitz of LA, the money, power and respect of New York, or that city that’s got the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Sound like a tough choice?

Read it again.

Expect Kevin Love to be a dead weight casualty of the off-season, the Cavs drafting youth to finally compensate for giving up Andrew Wiggins, one free agent signing and one off-season trade and one mid-season trade.

Three more rings for LeBron and it’s a tie with Jordan.

Then there’ll be almost no arguments left in Mike’s favor.


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