Kanye’s Sextape for “Famous” Shows What Money Can Buy

There is, perhaps, no greater indication of who you are sociopolitically and economically than who you’re fucking.

For instance, if you’re currently not fucking anybody, then you aren’t, in fact, anybody.

But if you are fucking, then the likelihood is that this person is within reach of your own tax bracket, background, education level and peer group.

This isn’t to say that you can’t or haven’t ventured off the beaten path.

Some of the best encounters are with people who ain’t in our class.

Some of them are even lasting, turn into love, commitment, marriage and eternity.

But that ain’t usually the case.

Ostensibly, America doesn’t have a class system, but charge a rich white man and a poor Black teenager with the same crime and simply study how each is greeted by the courts.

Here’s Kanye West again and, quite frankly, I’ve come to expect him to simply stay this time, Yeezus being such unmitigated crap and The Life of Pablo being such an absolute delight – Album of the Year so far, easy – that I’ll tolerate anything by the guy so long as there’s accompanying music (even those fucking stupid looking sneakers).

He’s got a video for the song “Famous” which famously (yeah, I couldn’t resist) suggests, among other things, that he made Taylor Swift famous when he famously (I’ve gotta stop doing that shit. I’m gonna lose readers) interrupted her 2009 VMA acceptance speech for winning the Best Female Video award just to crash the stage and argue that Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” was, in fact, Muhammad Ali or something like that.

In this video – and I’m not gonna call it “brilliant”; it’s 1:15AM on a Saturday morning and I’m in a Dunkin’ Donuts on Broadway and 230th Street in the Bronx; nothing is even “provocative” at this hour and location – Kanye plays with the notion I mentioned earlier by simultaneously demonstrating the exclusiveness of his own socio-sexual circle, but also very subtly and ingeniously suggesting that once you’ve reached that level, any and everything goes.

Here’s a preview:

And, while the link lasts, here’s the whole thing:

Wax renderings of everyone including Kanye himself, his wife – who is interestingly positioned ass-up and to his left while, for shock value perhaps, Taylor Swift is to his right – Rihanna, Chris Brown, Caitlyn Jenner, Donald Trump, Anna Wintour, Amber Rose, Bill Cosby and a host of others are shown naked, asleep and in bed together.

Now here’s where things get sticky; would you simply hop into said bed?

Does it matter who you’re fucking so long as you’re fucking somebody famous?

What if you hopped into bed with a target – say Rihanna – in mind, but had to wade through and suck a few cocks, well, all of them, just to get a few pumps into Rihanna, would it be worth it?

See, if I’m reading Kanye right on this one, and who can ever tell with this guy, he’s more than suggesting that the hidden cost to be paid for joining a club with such a high level of exclusivity is almost certainly that you’ll have to do a few dirty little favors along the way.

And who can ever tell if he’s being literal?

I mean, from how we’re encouraged to view our celebrities – as celestial beings whose very existences make our wildest dreams seem mundane – would it be too much to imagine that what we’re viewing isn’t supposed to be considered a rendering at all, but a reenactment?

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