Where is #AllLivesMatter Now that We Finally Need Them?


First of all, we’ll never get the truth.

That died with all the participants, and the one person who’s still living who may – and probably does – know some or all of it, will likely take it to his grave.

Oh, he’ll give us a story.

There’s no way he can’t.

He was home the whole time.

And, being the man, we would have expected that he’d have stepped in and shut that whole shit down.

Second, the cops took her out with one shot.

Texas cops must be way better than the NYPD.

It took them 41 shots to finish off Amadou Diallo and all he was holding was a wallet.

When 42 year-old Texan Christy Sheats went beyond apeshit and murdered her two daughters, 22 year-old Taylor ad 17 year-old Madison, right outside the home they all shared, we’re encouraged to think that the shit went down as something as simple as a “family argument” and we’re also supposed to ignore the fact the husband, way more out of place by being totally in place.

Here’s some speculation:

  • The reason the cops killed Christy Sheats is because they had to. The story only says that she refused to drop her weapon when ordered to, but I’m thinking that after realizing what she had just done, she was so traumatized that she figured that life afterwards would be unendurable.
  • The “family argument” had something to do with fucking. That level of vitriol is never over undone dishes or laundry left on the floor. At 42, mom was still young and maybe she was honing in on one or both of the daughter’s action or worse and far more disgustingly, maybe one of the girls was getting it on with dad.
  • The dad’s hands are dirty. Even if he wasn’t actively fucking his daughters, he either did something or knew something that was so vile that to avoid the hypocrisy of direct involvement, he decided to let the whole thing play out without getting involved; never, I’m sure, imagining that it would end up deadly.

You can’t imagine what kind of effort it takes for a white woman (a blonde one, too) to get killed by the police and if shit wasn’t so serious I’d say that Christy Sheats should be commended for it.

Moreover, the news is also commenting on how much of a gun advocate that Mrs. Sheats was.

I don’t know why people don’t get it yet, but the truth is, if you own a gun or even have one in America it’s more likely to be used in a fucked up way than a good one – and this is just among the allegedly non-criminal element that have them.

In the wake of Dylann Roof’s racist lunacy down in Charleston, South Carolina, a writer named Scott Martelle for the Los Angeles times did a piece where he chronicled just how wrong the notion of guns as self-defense is.

And of all the sobering stats, the shot of espresso taken intravenously is the fact that in 2012, there were only 259 justifiabe homicides compared with 548 fatal unintentional shootings.

That means that “accident murderers” are more than twice as likely as the good guy killing the bad guy.

Still, while I’m loathe to suggest anyone ever deserved to get killed, this is one of the rare times where a police shooting may have been justified.

No, Mrs. Shears was not unarmed, and reminiscient of that old Richard Pryor skit where sheer terror caused him to realize that since the boxer he was about to face had come out punching himself or “kicking his own ass” as Pryor put it and therefore, couldn’t conceivably have much regard for Pryor’s health and safety, what’s the life of a cop to you after you’ve just killed your own children?

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