The BET Awards is Why Nobody Likes Black People


Up until last night, I’d have argued that the BET Awards would never be able to top itself as far as intros were concerned.

Back in 2003 and being so hot that everything he touched literally scorched, 50 Cent kicked off the show with a performance of – and that crazily featured the sound of the coins falling on a table just like on the album – “What up Gangsta”.

The imagery, 50 himself, the scene, the crowd’s response, everything ushered a new era.

Well, Beyonce, predictably, topped that.

And let’s not pretend that it’s not the slightest bit exploitative using Dr. King’s voice, knowing how that man’s tenor affects we mortal Negroes.

We get all spiritual, expecting freedom to ring, mountaintops, promised lands and dreams.

And that’s what Beyonce performed, “Freedom”. Killed that shit.

Kendrick came out, more murder.


  • Future watching Desiigner must have felt like he was in a funhouse mirror.
  • Erykah Badu performing “The Ballad of Dorothy Parker” during the Prince tribute had absolutely all the elements except my love herself Ms. Badu. The moment seemed like it got to her.
  • Bilaal came right back with “The Beautiful Ones” and, pardon Beyonce, slayed.
  • Why does Bobby Brown look like the uncle you wouldn’t dare let babysit?
  • Jennifer Hudson’s rendition of “Purple Rain” made me wonder if Prince knew how much niggas really loved him. He truly was one of our own.
  • Matthew Knowles is a fool. Beyonce’s mom is so fine they’d hafta pull her corpse out from under me.
  • Still can’t understand how nobody seems to realize that Bryson Tiller’s “Don’t” is as much about the girl’s boyfriend as it is about the girl.
  • Where was Drake?
  • The ghost of 60’s Marvin Gaye is gonna catch Maxwell in an alley and beat the fuck outta him.
  • Should I say “Jesse Williams 2020!” now, or should I wait till Trump is in office?
  • Janelle Monae came closest to capturing Prince’s pace and timing.
  • “No Limit” is too young for Usher. I’d expect Jeremih to be singing some shit like that.
  • DJ Khaled is priceless.

Intro aside, the 2003 show is still BET’s best in history and, in my opinion, the class of any award show ever but that doesn’t mean that this one didn’t have it’s moments.

Jesse Williams laid down some serious shit and I think Muhammad Ali’s death and Prince’s death back-to-back made the overall tone a little more somber, even though in the wake of Michael Jackson’s death back in 2009, then-host Jamie Foxx made the BET Awards outright lunacy.

Still, just observing, as we always do, as we always have to each year when the BET Awards rolls around, the elegance, the talent and the outright majesty of Black people displayed in a way so that it seems to be positively overflowing and on a show organized and scripted by Black people makes it easy to understand how if I weren’t Black, I’d hate you Niggers.

I mean, you’re fucking beautiful.

You’re gifted.

On command and for the right cause, you can be disciplined and ordered.

You could really take over this bitch – and by “this bitch” I mean the whole, entire world – if you wanted to.

Would make a sane person wonder why you don’t seem to want to.

Look no further for reasons at to why a certain and large segment of our country deems it necessary to always have guns.

Like you would take things over violently.

And like their guns could stop you.

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