Brexit Made Easy OR Colored People: Buy Our Shit, DON’T Be Our Neighbors

David Cameron

Of course, you can look no further back than the sit-in movement in terms of niggas being like wayment on the fact that we were supposed to support financially institutions that we couldn’t exploit entirely.

And you wonder why it took them that long.

The very first time a muhfucca said, “Oh, we’ll take your money for our food but y’all can’t eat it here,” you’d expect that any self-respecting Spook would have issued an emphatic “No deal!” and that would have been the end of it.

But no, as absurd as this offer was, brothers and sisters accepted and it would eventually take a gang of kids from the HBCU (where else?) North Carolina A&T to be like, “There’s something wrong with this arrangement.”

Can you imagine the first sit-in planning meeting?
Joseph: So, we’re gonna go down there to Woolworth and sit.
Franklin: Well, they’re not gonna serve us if we sit.
Joseph: That’s the point.
Ezell: What’s the point?
Joseph: That we only get served if we don’t sit.
David: So should we bring a lunch?

And some allegedly wonder why Great Britain dropped out of the European Union, but should they really?

I mean, with a Eurocentric history of valuing the dollars in brown hands but not the hands themselves, a subconscious mentality has existed which suggests those brown hands should be honored to fork over that cash provided a clean white hand receives it.

And yeah the same terror (how’s that for a word?) that’s turned Trump into the presumptive Republican nominee exists on a global level among our non-Black and brown brethren.

Side note: If Michael Jordan knew the percentage of Central, Lower North, South, and Caribbean-Americans that wear his footwear exclusively, he’d make a pro-immigration speech that would make Jesse Williams sound like Stacey Dash.

Meanwhile, much of Europe is simply becoming too Black and brown for some tastes, certainly for British tastes.

So as opposed to actually being forced into a position of potentially living next to somebody you’d have no problem selling your crappy t-shirts, straight razors, toys, gadgets, gizmos and technology to, Great Britain decided to throw the economy of the whole continent – another interesting concept; Europe as a ‘continent’ – into a tailspin which, as a byproduct of course, fucked up much of the world’s money.

Hearkening back to the very first lunatic to stand on a section of earth and declare “This is mine” while everybody else around him said, “What the fuck is Ed talkin’ bout? Clearly that nigga’s lost his mind!”, the notion that certain segments of said earth are the exclusive provenance of certain people and that there could be such things as “illegal aliens” – aside from carjackers from outer space – has gained traction to the point that it has become the overwhelmingly sane perspective.

Ah, but what do you expect?

The same dick-slinging spirit that once caused Europeans to decide that the world was not enough as they turned imperialism into colonialism and never met a plot of land they could hoist a flag on has abandoned them.

They’re just not making white people in the same numbers that they used to.

And knowing history as anybody who writes it would, you can imagine that they know full well what happens to the hosts when the guests have decided they like the place.

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