Ayesha Curry Told the Truth & Other Shit Uncle Toms Won’t Admit


Steph came real close to looking a little shaky himself.

It was a joke – that line about taking away his wife’s wifi – that was understood, because to not back your wife after she’d done nothing but back you would look shoddy, even in jest.

And all she did was tell the truth.

But if we know anything, we know that there’s nothing more inconvenient or expensive to tell than the truth, especially when the lie is where the money is.

And there was no money in Golden State winning back-to-back championships.

That boring team of light-skins that played efficiently, ran off screens, hit 3s and should have been coached by Mark Jackson, provided just about as much drama during their historic march to 73 regular-season wins as female R&B without Mary J. Blige.

That’s right, none.

We’d have been bored to tears watching them efficiently manhandle LeBron James’ Cleveland Cavaliers for another year in a row.

And boredom is not a financial incentive.

But any Knicks fan can tell from something as innocuous as JR Smith’s ejection from Game 3 of the first round series against the Celtics back in 2013, a moment that was ultimately responsible for extending the series another two games, the smallest, unlikeliest and most incidental things can have an overwhelming effect on the most important factor at work behind all victories: momentum.

So when LeBron stepped over Draymond Green, a man whose short fuse and tendency to go for the balls as a strategy had already put him on the NBA’s to watch and endangered list, Draymond’s comparatively reserved reaction, he lashed out with his arm – all demonstrative protest, no kind of attempted attack – got him suspended for the technical foul because of the alleged “retaliatory swipe at the groin” while LeBron simply picked up a technical.

Total bullshit.

The rest, including Ms. Curry’s tweet alleging the games are rigged, is history.


And here’s how you know she ain’t lie.

The deniers rushed forward to discredit her and not what she said.

Ambitious and advancement conscious Stephen A. Smith, a nigga that learned his lesson when he posited during the Ray Rice scandal that bitches needed to be careful too, was early to rush forward and argue that Ms. Curry should take a page from LeBron’s wife Savsnnah and shut the fuck up.

Then Brian Windhorst rushed forward with a trope as old as abolition. He argued Ayesha “better thank her lucky stars” because the NBA allowed Steph Curry to be worth $100 million.

This perspective was problematic on a couple levels.

First, it once again placed the proprietorship for Black talent firmly in white hands; Steph’s work and dedication to his craft had nothing to do with him earning money he was entitled to, no, the NBA had allowed him to have it.

Second, in the very month that the corpse of Muhammad Ali was being called heroic for taking unpopular positions and standing on conviction despite very real economic sanctioning, once again a Black athlete or, in this case, his wife, was being told to shut up and play ball.

Steph Curry’s a lucky man.

And not necessarily because his wife is beautiful even though she is cute.

It’s just rare to find bravery in anybody nowadays, and to find it in a wife must be a double blessing.

Still, Steph needs to be careful.

Harriet Tubman was once married but her husband couldn’t keep up with her progressivism.

Steph needs to get and stay with the program.

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