Why Don’t We All Line Up (So It’ll Be Easier for them to Shoot Us)?


Technology’s got us thinking that the random and reckless taking of our lives by the people that are paid to protect us is a brand new thing, but all I can ever imagine are the acts of violence that weren’t caught on camera.

Like, imagine someone had been filming Emmett Till.

Alton Sterling got killed for selling CDs.

And while arguably, he shouldn’t have even been arrested, arrest was a far more logical step than killing him; and shit, even an idiot knows that you can’t taser somebody and expect them to stop moving, that’s like setting them on fire and expecting the same, then just because you can, you kill him.

And we know that it’s “a dick thing“, we’ve known, God damn it, I’ve already covered this and Dr. Frances Cress Welsing wrote a book on it, we understand that we can’t be unarmed because we’ve got dicks and those things make more of us which makes them more powerful than any man made weapon possible.

And it would be sweet to say that if white people were still fucking or making babies; the former of which they may be doing, the later of which they’re certainly not, that they wouldn’t be so literally “on our dicks” but that’s a farce.

The police kill us simply for three reasons:

  1. We’re all criminals: As I’ve explained about the law countless times, being born Black in America is illegal and has been since 1790. They may have “changed” the law, but not the mentality.
  2. The aforementioned “dick thing
  3. They’ve gotta kill somebody: It’s such a weird combinations of factors that are necessary in the mentality of a person that would actually want to become a cop that if you met one that was actually interested he “helping” people, he’d certainly be terrible at his job and probably fired after extensive psychiatric evaluation.

And what are we gonna do about it, Black people?

I mean, let’s be honest.

I’ll lay out five options, in order from least logical but most probable, to the least probable but most logical.

  1. Nothing: I mean, it’s gotta stop eventually on it’s own, doesn’t it?
  2. Armed rebellion: Advocated by maniacs, after the initial blood lust that truly very few of us genuinely harbor is slaked, then what? We kill white people indiscriminately until all (them and us) are dead?
  3. More protest: And those have been so effective that it’s usually months now between news of another Black senselessly killed by law enforcement, am I right?
  4. Leave America: We’d need a Garvey for this, but a surprising number of us would be down to bounce from a place that was never our home, and detach ourselves from a struggle that was never our fight.
  5. Stop paying taxes: or at least the section that goes towards paying police salaries.

The funny part is, No. 5 probably seems totally radical to some, so conditioned we are toward paying for our own murders.

We eat fast food, smoke cigarettes, do drugs, drink alcohol and send our kids to public schools.

We’ve been paying for our demises since we got here.

Why should we stop now?

In fact, why do we let it get as complicated as waiting for confrontations with the police?

There are people of all races that would simply love to kill us.

Why don’t we make it easier for them?

After Trump builds his wall, why don’t we all line up against it?

We’d be ridding America of two of it’s problems at once.

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