JFK, 5 Dead Cops, #BlackLivesMatter & Why You Can NEVER Trust a Dallas Shooting


It wasn’t even an election year nearly 53 falls ago when they murked JFK, ostensibly to keep the Vietnam war going.

War is a Big Business, yet some people really do believe that they’re fought over religion or political ideologies or economic systems or whatever.

Oh well.

One thing about cities is they get reputations.

If I say New York, you say the City that Never Sleeps, Chicago is the Windy City, nevermind that there’s an actual Hollywood, California, LA is “Hollywood”, Vegas is Sin City of at least Whatever Happens Here Stays Here.

So what do you think about a city that could convincingly play co-conspirator in the death of an American president?

Well, your certainly think that it’s a good place to kill people.

So no, I don’t now buy nor would I ever buy the notion that the 5 dead cops out of the 11 that were wounded in Dallas last night died at the hands of some radical #BlackLivesMatter activist, despite the fact that a #BlackLivesMatter protest was underway due to the recent spate of police shootings.

I couldn’t even begin to imagine that a group as grassroots as #BlackLivesMatter has snipers – which were used – in their employ, or that elevating things beyond the level of standard protest and into armed confrontation had ever been their intent.

No, that would only harm their already dubious standing and cost them more supporters than it supplied.

Besides, being a murderer would make it tough for you to argue that any kind of life matters.

Only conservatives counter stuff like being pro-life with also being in favor of the death penalty.

So, as always, we’re left to wonder who could possibly benefit the most from this newest, most insidious form of terror?

Who stands to gain from having us think that there’s now an all-out war between the police and Black rights movements?

And remember this is an election year.

Well, if you’re selling the promise of safety combined with the repeated warnings that we’re not currently safe, you need all the evidence to back your point that you can amass.

And if you have among your sympathizers and supporters those with otherwise questionable ties to reality but who are able to grasp this one simple truth about your position, while the sky may be the limit, the earth certainly isn’t.

Politics are so tradiationally dirty that mere political exchanges are typically filthy.

Why do you think they call it “mud-slinging”?

And no, I’m not outright suggesting that Donald Trump has anything to do with the murder of 5 cops any more than I would suggest that Lyndon Baines Johnson had anything to do with the death of John Kennedy, but when you’re playing for stakes as high as the presidency, short-term morality always takes a seat behind Grand Design.

A liberal Dem like Hillary Clinton could only foster the kind of atmosphere that breeds these kinds of protests and reactions whereas a strong leader like Trump, right after he got rid of the illegals and the Muslims, could turn his full attention to civil unrest and get that rooted out as well.

I mean, I’m just sayin’.

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