Is Micah Johnson the Right Guy?


Even for a patsy, this dude looks suspect and the media ain’t putting no respek on our collective intelligence by shoving his images out at us and expecting us to be grateful that his corpse can’t talk.

I mean, at first, at least they did do the necessary and issue the nigga three names.

He was Micah Xavier Johnson before they cut it down.

That tied him in nicely with Lee Harvey Oswald, John Wilkes Booth, James Earl Ray and all the other Big Time assassins for whom two names is just too few.

Then they gave him to us again as just Micah.

Thing is, we didn’t get how much of an expert he was at handling guns.

I mean, don’t just expect me to believe he’s the nicest nigga with a pistol since Robert Charles and not give me any background.

The ability to kill 5 Dallas police officers and wound 7 as a sniper doesn’t imply a crack shot, it absolutely requires one.

So tell me how Micah had the highest ranking in sniper training. How he was special forces, advanced tactical or any of that other shit that implies he simply knows more than the average GI Joe.

From what we got, he wasn’t even a full-fledged GI Joe. He was just a reservist.

I feel insulted.

Worse yet, there’s no sprawling manifesto. There isn’t page after page of hate-filled diatribe which spells out illicitly why YT must die.

There’s no rank, unreasonable and unfocused rage, the kind that is always the finest indicator that the person that’s been accused of committing whatever crime did indeed snap and that all we witnessed in the carnage was the after effects.

Shit, even Colin Ferguson left notes.

That fucking wacko Elliot Rodger, the pussy who couldn’t get pussy in college despite driving a Beamer left a video diatribe.

You could tell that fool was sick!

But no, we don’t get any of that with Micah.

Just a displaced Black Power salute pic (above).

Shit, that being the case, where’s Tommy Smith and John Carlos?

Where’s Stokley Carmichael?

Where’s every nigga I know or have ever met?

This stinks, and not just because it seemed fishy to me from the door (read yesterday’s post).

It bothers me because this is a poor soul – assuming he’s innocent – that the police didn’t even confront him face-to-face. They had some bot take him out.

He didn’t even catch the break that alleged President-killer Oswald got which at least allowed Lee Harvey to (wisely) scream “I am not resisting arrest” while being arrested and make muhfuccas wait another day and have yet another patsy, Jack Ruby, take him out.

This guy Micah just looked like some… dude.

Not even interested or interesting enough to get a speeding ticket.

His eyes didn’t even look crazy.

I’d more readily believe that Katt Williams did all this shit than this guy.

And it’s too bad too, because he was a member of somebody’s family.

I mean, fuck him if he did it.

You go to a rally protesting racially insensitive killings and you do what exactly?


But perhaps the greatest irony in all this is, of course, that here’s the case of yet another Black man that the police didn’t even bother to apprehend alive.


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