They Keep Moving the Goal Post on Serena Williams


Who the fuck is Margaret Court?

And how come I just heard of the bitch and her 24 Majors last week?

Steffi Graff and her 22 Majors was the player I always knew and, quiet as kept, lusted after.


To hell with the fact that she has the nose the size of a station wagon.

That bitch’s body is so insane, I’d show up at the Essence and the BET Awards with her, drinking champagne out of her shoe, licking her asshole publicly, letting her hit me with a whip and call me “Nigger” and renouncing all the anti-white statements I’d ever uttered, even though that alone would probably take me the rest of my life.



I digress.

Serena Williams tied Steffi at 22 yesterday with a dynamite Wimbledon win and, that’s right, I’m gloating.

And you can bet good money that by the time Serena wins her 25th Major, moving her one past Ms. Court – and you know she will – tennis “historians” will have unearthed some record-setting white bitch from the Renaissance who, aside from posing for da Vinci nude, also won 30 Majors, Wimbledon, The Aussie, The French and The Cairo.

It never fails.

And yeah, racism, sure.

That’s the easy part.

The tough part is knowing that people in general and as a rule hate processing new information.

It takes work to have to re-calibrate your thinking.

So aside from the fact that some Black girl who, with her world champion older sister Venus, grew up playing tennis in Compton, Califonia – of all places! – and both became who they are, we have to deal with the fact that they look like Black women, act like Black women and are Black women.

And if that’s coming across as a shot at Madison Keys, so be it.

On one level, it’s cute that they let you chose your race in America now – to your face at least.

On every other level, give me the Black people that wouldn’t have it any other way.

And yeah, there’s the race pride thing, too.

I was that dude that when people asked me if I was voting for Barack Obama and why said, “Because he’s Black”.

Believe it or not, that prevented all counter arguments.

If your Italian, your people not only wrote and directed and overwhelming starred in The Godfather.

If you’re Jewish, you’ve got Woody Allen and Philip Roth. Fucking relax already.

If you’re Irish, you’ve got James Joyce…

Wait, I can’t even write that with a straight face. The most overrated fucking hack in the history of all literature. I mean…

Wait… am I digressing again?

Anyway, if you’re Black, when we’ve got somebody, I can’t stress the relief we feel when they not only identify with the rest of us, but happily represent us as well.

No other group has historically been so subjected to shit designed to cause self-loathing.

But realistically, there’s no use in whining and complaining about it.

You’d be told to get over it.

And you know what?

The people telling you that would be right.

The past is the past.

Serena Williams is the best tennis player that’s ever walked this planet.

No matter who ya’ll dig up.

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